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Back again!!

Well after flying through 14 days and feeling great I Failed!!! I smoked yester day no reason no stress I just gave in to temptation stupid I know so tomorrow will be my day 1! Time to start prep me thinks!!:eek:

I will do this I need to be strong and sort myself out (I havent admitted to my Daughter or anyone else im smoking again (apart from oh as he caved too) so tomorrow is a new day/week.

Good luck everyone stay strong!!


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Hi Jo,

I nearly smoked on my 13th day, and the only reason I didn't was because the man in the shop wouldn't sell them to me because I had been talking about not smoking all the time and he didn't want me to give in. Nice guy!! So that was a close call for me! Good luck for tomorrow, I am sure you will do it this time:)



Good Luck

Joanna just consider it a blip and then enjoy being smoke free once again! Give yourself regular treats using the money saved by not smoking, I have found this a very good motivator.


Thanx all Last dirty fag went a hour ago im smoke free!!! Im going cold turkey I have got NRT if needed but as im off work this week i have no stress and could just find things to do have lots of plans for the week and im now smoke free.

I was on day 14 and have put on half a stone!!!! so this week im going to work my socks off at loosing it (just done my davina workout still sweating!!) so im not going eat to replace im going to excersise to replace!! This is the plan just hope i can carry it out!

So xmas shopping lots of walking excersise dvd and playing down the park with my daughter should do the trick oh and healthy shop is needed as the last 2 weeks i have lived off crisps,choc,cakes and biscuits!! looks like salad and veg week!! with some nice fruit. Anyone have any tips to get nic out of my body quicker I know water just wondering if there was anything else??

Thanx all and good luck!!

Jo x;)


i think cold turkey is the way forward and wish you all the best!!:)



Sorry to hear about your "Blip".

The Fact that you made 14 Days say's alot about how serious you are about your quit!

Write off the 14 days as "School Fees"

You are now better equipped to succeed in this quit, And more importantly I am positive this time round, you WONT have a smoke with a drink on day 14 LOL

WD for have the courage and perseverance to start from scratch!


Good luck today!!! Well done for trying again so soon after smoking. it should be a lot easier now...think of yourself as a non-smoker, you will have less cravings, or at least less thoughts of smoking to to quench those craves:)


I've read that vitamin C helps to get rid of the nicotine, can't remember where I read it now though. Might've been on the whyquit site.

Good luck x


Fresh fruit juice for the 1st three days is supposed to help get rid of the nicotine.

Good luck!



Every cigarette you don't smoke is one you haven't smoked

There's no down side to this!

Go for CAN do it!



Thanx guys,

Im so crap a massive let down went all day no problem at all then my oh asked me to get him 10 fags and I gave in so easy!!! I dont seem to be able to say No so again Tomorrow is another day! I know I will do it I really want to but have to learn to say NO!!!

Sorry all feel really bad after all your comments!!!

Jo x


Hi Jo

Maybe this isn't the right time for you and that's ok. The right time will arrive.

Maybe you need to get fed-up of smoking again?

Perhaps you could ask your OH to help you a bit???

(sorry...I know we shouldn't blame other people...!)

Don't feel bad. You're doing this for YOU. No-one else.



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