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Day 6 - Yahoooooo!

I'm on a roll - resolve is impenetrable today after going for a couple of pints last night. I was standing outside with my mates who were all smoking and got the 'just one' voice in my head but I managed to ignore it. Went inside with my non-smoking friend and I didn't give smoking another thought. (I must say though, my usual beer tasted disgusting which was a bit of a shock!) Feels like a battle won though!!!

Concentration is returning and the dizziness has gone, and along with Coaltyt the whites of my eyes look like they're shining!!!

Got a difficult question which I suppose is on every quitter's mind - I've read a lot of literature on the body's healing process after quitting but none of it seems to go into any real depth.... most says that after 10 years the risk of lung cancer drops significantly, but at 34 and after smoking for 20 years are my lungs going to be blackened and damaged for the rest of my life? Has anyone got any tips on neutralizing the damage - they say fish is good brain food - are there any good 'lung foods'?


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Hi Chris,

It is good you have reached day six nearly through the first week, and well done on resisting last night. On the subject of your lungs I think that is all down to time, and good luck with your quit.



Hey Chris,

Best thing to do would be get a lung x-ray from the doctor now. And go back in a few months and get another x-ray, thats the only way you'll know for sure.

I don't see how they can say what they say about quitting smoking sometimes, surely it depends how much you've smoked? what you've smoked, etc!



Hi Chris :D

Well done you on day 6 almost a full week that's great

Also well done last night for not giving in even if you were tempted you still stuck to it even though the beer didn't taste right

I'm pleased to hear you feel as if you won a battle because that's exactly what you did and the next one will be that much easier for you to win

Glad to hear also that the dizziness is gone and the concentration is returning for you

Your body will heal it just takes time so be patient while it foes it's work OK

Yeah I've read that about the lung cancer as well I don't know of any lung food sorry

What I do know is that I've been stopped just over 8 months and feel completely different than I did My health has improved by 100% to what it was and I smoked for over 50 years

I feel free and happy to be smoke free after so long


Marg xxxxxxx


Thanks Marg. :D Been doing some digging and the general advice seems to be that if you quit before you get ill then your body can repair most of the damage. And also eat lots and lots of antioxidants. I'm going on a baked bean binge - found out today they're one of the greatest sources of antioxidants you can get - and they also one of my favourite foods! Yum! Shame sausage and chips aren't considered superfoods, I'd be in heaven :(

Lots of salads for me from now on!


Hi Chris :D

Lots of digging eh keeping busy is always a help

A Baked bean binge eh well if they're full of Antioxidants that should help as well


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Chris

Well done on Day 6!

Interesting question about the lungs - so I googled it! Not sure what to believe - but the concensus seems to be that lungs do get better, and it takes around 15 years to repair smoking damage - but I guess that depends on how many for how long. I take from that the good news - they do - and will - get to be a lovely plump pink once again! :D

Another interesting fact - because I am a "Lady", I want better skin - that nice complexion I have never had. Did you know that you get a new skin every 35 days? In 35 days you have shed the top layer of all of your skin and have shiny new cells!

Wow! We are amazing aren't we! :D


Thanks coaltyt! Yeah its absolutely amazing!! I looked in the mirror this morning and was really surprised at my skin. It seems to be glowing and it's pink - I don't know if I'm just making myself see things after a week but it really looks good. Less wrinkles round my eyes - no bags - my spots have cleared up - I look so much healthier. :D

On a weirder note, I dreamed I was smoking last night and woke up gutted this morning. Even had that horrible taste in my mouth that you get after smoking 20 on a night out, bleuughhh!!!!! Been craving nicotine all morning, more than for a few days. What's that about???


Hi Chris :D

Sorry to hear you had a smoking dream they play the very devil sometimes as you found

But it was only a dream and that's what matters after all

Sorry you've been vraving all morning though and hope you feel better now

These dreams happen to lots of us for a while but they do disappear I found the first one frightening but after that was able to say to my self OK it was a dream forget it and that worked for me


Marg xxxxxxxx


Lungs and stuff

first of all Chris well done it will be day 7 for you today that is amazing.

my OH is a doctor, not a lung doctor, but i will ask him the question later when he gets in and see what he says and i will let you know.

as for the baked beans thing and can only say that i'm very glad i don't share a house with you.

Hope you have got over the dream thing and i will be back later to update you on the lung situation.


Ahh thanks Bev, I appreciate that - yeah the baked bean thing might not go doen so well with my lady :eek:


Good news and not so good news

Ok here goes, the scarred and dead lung never recovers, however lung funcation returns to close to normal after a varing amount of time (depends on age amount smoked etc). Trapped carbon (black bits on lungs) never clears.

If you don't have lung cancer when you quit the risk of lung cancer returns to normal after a few years.

Sorry i don't have all good news for you, but i think it is best to know the truth and the truth is we are all healthy and wealthy and less smelly than when we smoked.

OH is open to answering (via me) any questions you may have, though as i said he is not a lung doctor, he mainly deals with broken bones and poorly knees.

These are only general answers to general questions and if you have any worries go and see your GP.


Brilliant, thanks so much for that Bev, and your OH. Well, I knew I wouldn't have new lungs again, but its good to know that hopefully the damage can be halted if not reversed. I think I can live with a few crispy bits and a bit of charcoal :D


Thanks Bev

Interesting stuff - thanks husband of Bev! :)

I hope the beans work Chris - and like Bev, I'm pleased you're not in my house! Enjoy!


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