Day 71 and nearly gave up

Had no sleep last night, in pain with siatica, got out of bed this morning feeling really low and snapped at the husband and like a brat demanded one of his cigs - packet in hand I tnen stamped my feet literally and threw them back at him and burst into tears! 

So glad the stubborn bugger in me threw them back at him otherwise I would have smoked all of them the way I was feeling

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  • Scared to reply to this runmeg😀

    Joking aside, I feel for your suffering with the sciatica. I only had a brief fling with it but it drove me mad. You have done REALLY well to resist at that stage. Well done to the stubborn bugger.

  • I can be stubborn but would have gladly smoked today

  • Loving the fighting spirit in you, doing fantastic,  you got by another difficult situation.

    Amazing, well done you 

    Keep going😀☹️

  • Today is nearly over so I have everything crossed I get through day 72 tomorrow

  • We all know how emotional and stressful this journey can be - well done for getting through it!

  • Whoohey Runmeg, must be something in the air, I too survived the biggest challenge in my quit.    Well done for not caving.    Tomorrow will definitely be a better and easier day!

  • Sorry you were in pain but you didn't smoke  keep up the good work

  • How are you today runmeg ?   

  • Hi, got through yesterday,  this morning was tough but got through it and this afternoon I feel a lot more positive and focused

    Thanks for the support everyone

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