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this is how i gave up


hello all,

I was looking at the site to see if there was any info on it about bioresonance as I have not smoked for 3 weeks exactly since I had 'bioresonance' treatment. I saw the treatment on the Richard and Judy show last summer which gave it a very positive report and I meant to have the treatment done lost year but I found excuse after excuse I guess. Anyway I finally went round to going 3 weeks ago, i went to the same people who were on the richard and judy show ( and i've got to say it has worked wonders for me. They use electromagnetic energy (or something like that) to get rid of the craving for nicotine. It sounds wierd I know but as far as I am concerned it has worked! Since I have left there I have hardly had ANY cravings for nicotine even when im in the pub I dont want one! I am continually amazed at how well it has worked and my mind is a bit boggled as to HOW it actually works! ONly accasionally do I feel like a ciggie but the thought dissapears really quickly as I guess theres no physical craving to back it up, it just my habit reappearing briefly. That too I am sure will fade in time. I have tried patches, gum and hypnosis before and none of them worked. I really believe this therapy is something very special so I felt I had to tell you all about. There really seems to be no need for smokers to go through what they go through when trying to quit, they should just have this therapy! If you want to contact me directly please feel free.

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Lets cut to the chase.. how available is it and how much does it cost??:confused:

That easy?

From their website

"Your body resonates at certain ‘normal’ electromagnetic frequencies. Toxic substances like infections, chemicals and heavy metals alter the body’s ‘normal’ pattern. The body starts to adapt to the new frequency pattern which is why we get drug addictions or chronic illness."

So we 'get' addictions from exposing ourselves to the poisons in drugs? Hmm. I'm not sure that's a complete picture, in my own experience and I'm pretty sure that's not going to address the emotional problems that most addicts (of any substances) display and acknowledge.

I'd love to follow up the successful treatments that this programme claims (including Mark) over time to see how well this works. Any treatment that claims this kind of success is interesting, but I do have concerns that it pays no attention to the psychological causes or effects of addictive behaviour. Presumably, it denies them or attributes them to the drug entirely?

Mark, I'd love to know a) how you feel emotionally now and over the next few months, b) how successful your treatment actually is over time (whether or not you remain a non-smoker) or c) whether or not you shift your addiction to something else (subtle or obvious)

If you can share more of your experience with us it can empower other people who want to quit with the information they need to decide whether this kind of treatment is right for them or not.

Two things are certain: 1) There's a lot people trying to make money with 'easy' cures for addictions and 2) there are many people are desperately unhappy that they smoke. Your experience could help to make sure that the former don't fleece the latter ;)

still given up

Well its over a month now and I still havent smoked. In response to your questions, the treatment costs £250 which from my point of view has been worth every penny as I am saving LOADS by not smoking. THe clinic I went to was near Croydon so if you're up north it may be a bit tricky for you to get to, dont think theres one up there? maybe phone and ask them?

My emotions at the moment? Well overall they seem to be fine. I'll be honest I have had a bit of a weird feeling like somethings missing? I guess thats the habit side tho. The therapist chatted with me about that side of things and made it clear that the treatment works very well with the physical craving but the emotional aspect of it also needs to be looked at by the individual and associated habits etc. But I have been trying to give up for a while now and I was ready to give up. THe emotional aspect of it is different for everyone i guess but I personally found it very manageable after having that physical need for nicotine taken away.

I feel very grateful for this treatment, and my own experiences have made me a firm believer that it has something very genuine to offer. The clinic was also on the BBC news and they had a science guy on who backed it up- the details are on the website - he said the russian military use this therapy to get their soldiers off hard drugs! I have been trying to find out more about this but there doesnt seem to be that much on the internet. This therapy seems to be a very well kept secret!

I will continue posting in the future to keep you updated with how im doing...

Not smoking is... not smoking :-)

Hi Mark

Thanks for posting - interesting, and great to hear it's working for you. Advising you that there might be emotional issues to deal with in stopping smoking is a responsible approach by the clinic. My own experience was that smoking helped to damp down feelings and that, once stopped, they began to return with avengence!

Most drug and alcohol workers will say that stopping using is relatively easy; staying stopped is the harder part and the part that necessitates the longer-term work on the underlying emotional/psychological issues in our addictive and self-destructive behaviours...

Having said that, if you find it gets easier and the experience bears no relation to what I've written, then GOOD. ;-)

Best wishes


Mental association

Interesting that you mentioned that this dealt purely with the physical. This seems to be the case with most treatments available at the moment to help people quit smoking. may help if you would like to tackle your addiction from the mental association first, making it much easier to deal with the physical.

The crux of the matter is that smokers want to give up but they also associate ciggies with enjoyment or satisfaction. This makes giving up really difficult as you are saying that you cannot have something you enjoy anymore. The association with pleasure is built up over years of experiences and therefore needs to be considered before just dealing with the physical. Quitmap, the new product available from Pop2Stop, helps each smoker to form new asssociations based on the best available information coupled with their own dreams and aspirations.

I light my first cigarette at the age of 13. Since then I’ve been actively smoking for 12 years. Now, I’m a non-smoker for over a year. I discover the big secret for quitting forever. Therefore, I decide to help people who are willing to quit for good. is a site dedicated to all researchers who are searching for answers. Please, research the subjects carefully, read the posts couple of times if necessary, and I can guarantee you results.

Don’t stop researching, and have a nice trip!

i'm happy for you nenad.molerovic.

i haven't gone to the site but i will. i have gone through this; the smoking craving. oh my god!! my head seems like it is going to explode and i get running nose too. thanks i'm out of it now. it was a very bad experience.

It seems really interesting but i want to quit cold turkey!!! no treatment no nothing, i've got to succeed.. surely my mind is more powerful than a treatment/

Maybe x x x x

Good luck with it justquit x x bare in mind NRT and champix are great aids in quitting but even so require a lot of will power!

Cold turkey is very tough for some especially heavy smokers, Good luck in your quit x x x x

We're all here for you x x ~Buffy x x


Hello, After reading Marks post i thought i would reply, my partner and I both tried bioresonance in Croydon and we have not smoked for 6 months the treatment is amazing, we are so pleased that we have our lives back. We previously tried every method we could to quit smoking and had almost given up until a friend of mine told me about this treatment (after her mum had quit smoking with them), and we both have not looked back since. We still take our ciggy money out but this time it goes into savings (we are hoping to go on a well earned holiday in the summer with it). :o

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