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Day 8 (I guess maybe I should be posting in Day 1?)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on much over the weekend to update - I've been really busy sorting the back garden out and then obviously it was fathers day yesterday and I had to visit my gran for her birthday...

Well, I think I counted my chickens too soon... Yesterday Himself was winding me up something chronic.. I literally saw red, I felt like a gigantic ball of rage; bordering on violent!!!

Now, although it was partly his fault for winding me up whilst I'm in the midst of trying to quit smoking, my actions are also MY responsilbility regardless of whether or not I'm quitting smoking...

It bothered me so much I figured I would rather smoke than get so angered to the point where I physically lash out to Himself and The Boys.. So.. I went straight to the shop and bought myself 10 cigs..

I smoked one... then I smoked a second.. then a third and then a fourth and then I snapped the rest so they were un-smokeable and I threw them down the drain...

Feeling really crappy... (-_-)

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Hi Emma :)

Sorry to hear that you slipped at the weekend but it happens sometines, please don't beat yourself up about it, it's done now but remember the lessons you learnt from it just in case you get to feeling like this again

Also pleased that you're not blaming Himself although he did wind you up as you said your actions are down to you

I don't mean this in a nasty way but I'm glad they didn't make you feel good as it will make it easier for you to carry on your quit

But if there is a next time remember to come on here not go down the shop


Marg xxxxxxxx


Chrissie are there going to be tickets on sale when youre both in a bad mood? Could entertaining if not a little dangerous.

Emma dont beat yourself up about it, dont think there is any one on here that hasnt and a time in the past when they a weak moment.

You've done better than me, if I've got a pack would'nt dream of throwing them in the bin, would've finshed them just so Im not wasting money.

Wasting money !!!!???? I'm setting fire to the thing I purchased. How stupid is that. :eek:

Day one or day eight, you're still quiting :)


Ah thanks guys..

I'm REALLY disappointed with myself... I did so well getting to 7 days (furthest I've ever managed to get) and then caving...

As you all said though - what's done is done, I can't change it... just have to keep moving forward eh?

If it's all the same, I think I'll stay in week 2 - day 8 and carry on from here..

Damn you nico:eek:demon, damn you to Hell! *shakes an agitated fist*


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww hon, it can be an absolute bugger can't it.

I have told myself that if i stuff up I have to set fire to a £5 note for each one I smoke.

As a single parent I can not afford to do this...and would much rather be spending my money elsewhere - don't know if that would help you too?

Burning money made me even angrier than quitting does!!

Welcome back to the world of being a non smoker, and well done for snapping the rest - you are already bacvk on the wagon



hi i was just reading the message about lashing out...... oh my when i was going through that stage i was seriously worried that i was going to end up really hurting my other half..... every thing he did irritated me and i seriously couldnt control my mood swings.. i wanted to smoke as i wanted to go back to being the laid back me again... but i didnt and now im in month 4 and although the OH still irritates me i no longer want to kill him lol ;)

your already doing well as your on here that means you are serious about quitting even if it takes you more then one attempt.....



Anyhow im a good girl now (bit worried about Marg going on holiday though Do you want to volenteer for the abuse in her absence)?

Hi Chrissie :D

I'm glad to hear you're being a good girl now ;)

Don't worry I'll be back only going from 1st to 8th July and if you've been a naughty girl again I shall have to get my steel toe caps out again just for you

so be warned

But a Big hug for being good now


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


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