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I forgot how bad day 1 is!


Just entering into my Day 1 - I failed on day 11, so decided to get another quit day and start over again. So her goes, already I'm cold and shivering, silly dry cough and to think I'd got past all this what a t*at I feel. Anyway self loathing over I will get down from my wailing step and sing my no smoking song whenever it is required.

Any other Day 1 ers out there good luck to us all.

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Also forgot how soddin hungry you feel...the first few days are like having a licence to moan! :)

"This too shall pass"

You'll be back at Day 11 and beyond before you know it

Onwards and Upwards! :)

You CAN do this :)

Thanks Barbara

This time I will crack it, I dont recon the detox will be as bad as first time round, but if it is I WILL MOAN!:eek:

Hiya Chadwick

Hiya Chadwick,

After many many many attempts I am doing day 1 yet again. Feel ok at the moment, just can't sit still! Hope you are doing ok and well done on seting a date! Let us know how you get on.

I have been quit for 16 hours, 38 minutes and 1 second (0 days). I have saved £2.06 by not smoking 6 cigarettes. I have saved 30 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 30/03/2008 22:30:eek:


Day two and the only sentence I can string together is in type form I'm stuttering and stammering like an idiot, and drinking orange juice - lots of...

But hey it's worth it :eek::(:confused::rolleyes:

hiya, have a read around, somewhere on here someone wrote that orange juice isnt the best thing to drink in the early days, think cranberry is better, ill try to find it.

its in the "bach flower remedies" thread, not sure if i read it right , it might be anything orange.

back to my painting , i think .....:)

Funny thing is I have been craving cranberry juice badly and wondering what that was all about. ok, tomorrow I will try cranberry...

Im really struggling today as we have some builders in work above me drilling and banging and bless them there only doing their job but I'm struggling with the urge to go up there and KILL them pleasurably!

Funny thing is all I crave is biscuits and chocolate! :confused:

Back on day one here, i know what you mean days 1-3 i have extreme tiredness i cant believe i am back here again , bit of a bummer but there we go! Kids bk to school mondayh horaYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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