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1 year and 8 days!

Hi all.

I couldnt post on my 1 year anniversary because i moved house and my internet wasnt connected.

But i made it into the penthouse without so much a i blip! I came close to having a blip a few times, but i didnt!

So pleased with myself! My next goal is to lose the stone and a half i gained in weight! I feel so so much healthier and can honestly say i dont think i'll ever smoke again.

Thanks to everyone for their support, especially the 8-9-10's, we are nearly all there!!

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Great Claire a huge congrats, see you in the penthouse in 6 months, I need to loose this stone too.:o



Brilliant job, well done.




Congratulations Hun, 1 year well done you and even when you could have blipped you did not give in and you stayed strong. Anyhow well done again



oooh that was a long 8 days!!! but now it's time for


you have now been here long enough to understand why suddenly only a cat picture seems appropriate,


Celery anyone?

Woo hoo! Fantastic news. It really is by this point that you know you've well and truly killled the nicotine monster, isn't it?

Totally agree about the weight, though. I've gained three stone which is horrifying. Last week I decided to get control of it and I'm using the same tactic as when I quit smoking - posting on forums! Oh, and logging everything past my lips on myfitnesspal.

Going to up my exercise too - at least now I don't wheeze like an 80-year-old while coughing up tarry gunk. Ew!

Here's hoping the support I get from the diet forums works as well as the stop smoking forum!


Thanks everyone.

Loving the cat pic too!


Couldn't walk past this thread without popping in to say a big well done Claire x x x

thanks Karri. How are you doing in your quit?


Huge congrats to you Claire :cool:

The year milestone, esp one blip free, really is an occasion to mark, shout happily about and jump for joy over :D

Well done to all those times when temptation was overcome ... you carried on carrying on and got to your one year key to the penthouse ... brilliant :cool:

Have a wonderful 2nd year as a non smoker.

Pol xx


Thanks Pol.

Gotta say it feels great!!

I no longer have cravings at all and the only time i think about smoking is when i am on this site!!


Congratumalations :D


Congrats!!!! Claire!!

Two thumbs up, chica ;)



Congrats. A full year quit is a brilliant achievement. Well done! :D


Congrats, Claire, welcome to the Penthouse :)


thanks everyone!

it does feel rather good!!


Congrats Claire!



Can't believe I missed this!! A sterling job! Bloody well done!


Thanks Alex and Fiona.

Looking forward to celebrating my 18 months next!


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