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Day 15 and not loving it!



Im at day 15 and struggling. I keep having nights of no sleep, which is now starting to annoy the hell out of me. How long does the sleep disturbance last?

Also got really annoying semi-sore throat. I can live with that but its the sleep thing thats really getting to me and im now thinking just give in.. Im sooo tired a can hardly think straight!

Its also worse if I have a glass of wine or three!

Part from that the pangs are so mild I hardly notice them now. Touch wood it will continue. Just wish I could sleep!

Cheers all


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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi there,

Sorry to hear things are a bit tough at the moment. The sleep thing is quite common and tends to sort itself out by about 21 days, but everyone is different! Many people have forun that some of the herbal remedies kalms, nytol etc help.

The throad thing is quite normal too and again sorts itself out quite soon.

Hang in there its all worth it in the end.


Maybe you're getting the post-smoking flu. Apparantly (I haven't got there yet so I dunno) you get a sort of flu after quitting. You'll cough up a lot of crap. My mum coughed up the tar and she said once you're past that phase you just have to remember the black stuff that came up and you won't smoke again cos it's really minging. I'd celebrate the sore throat if I were you cos soon you'll be clearing your lungs of a lot of the damage you've done to them and they'll be nice and pink again :) Also answer these questions I found online if you're thinking about smoking again...

* Why did I quit smoking?

* How long did I smoke?

* How long have I been smoke free?

* How long do I think it should take to be free of this habit?

* If I go back to smoking, will I want to quit again?

* How long will it be before I do? Weeks...months...years? When illness strikes?

* Will quitting be any easier next time around?

* What do I think smoking will do for me?(benefits??)

* Is it worth giving up what I've worked so hard to do?

The one that works for me is the will quitting be any easier next time around? Cos the answer is so obvious and I don't want to go through this again.


Im at day 15 and struggling. I keep having nights of no sleep, which is now starting to annoy the hell out of me. How long does the sleep disturbance last?


Hi nato,

I'm on day 30 of my quit and it was only 2 days ago that I was able to have a good nights hang in there it does get better, if you really can't stand it any longer try herbal nightall I've heard they're good. Hope you're ok soon xxxx

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Nath,

Well done on getting into your third week. The sleep pattern thing will settle down after a while. Our bodies take some time to sort themselves out, but they do get there, so stay strong and enjoy all the positive results of your quit.:D


Hi Nath. I Sympathise with the sleeping thing. This is day 38 for me & still having probs sleeping. I had a couple of really goods nights last week as I took my patch off before going to bed. Sorry, can't remember if you are on NRT? Since then it's gone downhill a bit. I am on other medication which I am gonna check with my doctor tomorrow as to wether it will need adjusting now I am not pumping my body full of chemicals & nicotine. Have felt darn out of it this week but think it is a culmiation of things not just being a non-smoker.

Try & bear with it though, I am sure it will improve soon for you & is FAR better than returning to smoking again :D

Chin up :p

Love Gaynor. xxx

Hi Nath :)

Sorry you're feeling a bit rough just now but the sleep will sort it self out very soon some of this is beacuse you're getting more oxygen in the blood and therefore to the brain.when your body realises you're not feeding it a diet of chemicals it will get better and the body will heal itself but it does take a little while OK

Sorry to be blint here but if having a glass or 3 of wine is making it worse then the answer is simple just don't have it for now OK


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Oooh - sleep problems, I remember that well! I have always been a really good sleeper (too good sometimes, but that's another story!) but when I first quit, I just couldn't get to sleep. I wasn't on NRT so I couldn't blame that.

Then when I did manage to sleep, I had the most bizarre dreams.

Remember, you have pumped chemicals into your body for how many years?? Your body is bound to have some reaction to this withdrawal - luckily the effects are things we can live with AND they will get better.

Give yourself time!

Thanks all. I guess I need to go with the flow and give my body time to heal.

Hi Nath :D

Yeah you got it go with the flow, that body of yours will heal itself a little every day Promise and it will get easier for you very soon now


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Nato,

We quit on the same day and it seems that we are going through a similar experience with the sleeping. It kicked in with me Monday evening, nothing out of the ordinary but when I went to bed I could not sleep, I simply could not switch off. That night no matter what I tried I could not nod off; despite the fact I have always been a good sleeper. I was exhausted the following day and, luckily for me was still on leave and spent the entire day nodding off.

This went on for a few nights, no matter how tired I was the moment I went to bed I was wide awake. I finally took matters in to my own hands and rather than working myself up over this and letting it get me down I went on line and found a few good sites that dealt with insomnia and stopping smoking.

Relaxing, reading and not worrying have got me through this and last night I had a reasonable sleep, some five hours. Although I am very tired I figure this is a part of the quitting process and am willing to go through it. Hopefully over the next coupe of days things will settle down again and be back to normal.

Best of luck, stateofgrace

i had very similar symptoms to yourself recently aswell:mad:

remember that this is going to be the best decision you've ever made so keep smashing through this temporary pain.OK



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