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Day 15


HI all

Im still here ,now on day 15 and feeling good and positive.

sleep slightly improved last couple of nights which has been nice.

I have been around people smoking everyday of this quit and for some reason its easier this time.

Just got to stop the stuffing my face bit now !!

Hope everyone else is getting on fine.

lots of love ali xx:D

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Hi Ali :D

Great 15 days well done you I hope you're proud of yourself

Glad your sleep has improved as well

Also pleased you're finding it easier this time although you're around smokers every day


Marg xxxxxxxx

Well done

15 days is brilliant :) You sound like you have got it licked this time. I went to smoke clinic this morning but didnt rate it again wouldnt bother if I didnt have to go to get my script. Then had to go to the hospital with Mark and the smell when I got in the waiting room nearly made me throw up :eek: Think every patient had had about 2 fags before they went in (thats what I used to do).

Least now we smell good :)

Thanks Marg & Trendy,

Hi trendy know what you mean about people and cig smells ,its disgusting just to think we smelt like that as well. its nice to spray some perfume on and actually still smell it later.

I never had much luck with the quit nurse mine was quite rubbish really, this quit i did cold turkey and must say feel much more relaxed than other quits on patches, day 4 was hardest. just feels easier this time perhaps on each quit we gain more knowledge and thats the power to the quit.

I hope your feeling ok and mark, my hubby still smokes and its awful when he wants a kiss lol.

love ali xxx

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Ali,

Congratulations on getting past two weeks, fab stuff. I know what you mean about the eating though, I've put on rather a lot in the last few weeks. Rather that than being a lightweight smoker. :D

Keep strong.


Hi Ya Deke,

Its better to have a few extra love handles, than to stink and smell of smoke,

but know what you mean, just think i am going to eat what i want and enjoy it for now.lots of posts seem to say things sort them selfs out around the 6 month mark. you will have to let me know as you will reach that way before me.

hope you are well, have a good day.

love ali xx:)

Well done Ali,

Glad your doing well! im the same with food lately! But who cares? I could do with gaining a few pounds anyway. Its much better than smoking, and everythings tastes so nice aswell! haha! im eating more fruit which is strange, im loving how sweet strawberrys taste now! mmmmmmm, might have to go and have some now haha!!

congrats on day 15!!

Loadsa love L.J xxxx

Hi Ya L J,

Well done you glad it is going easy for you. grab me some strawberries on your way. My fav !!.

like you say anything is better than smoking.and yeah everything tastes so much better, i actually look forward to breakfast now....

Keep strong ,big hug, well done.

lots love ali xx:)

Hi sal ,

Still here day 18 now woop woop. really think i have cracked it this time.

will post every now and then.

Hope you are well.

Lots love ali xx:D

Hi Ali :D

Great going on day 18 well done you


Marg xxxxxx

Well done Ali :) You are sounding really strong :)

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