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day 15 and garden crazy


Hi all,

I am new to this forum, wish I entered on day 1. Just beginning my 3rd week and feeling great apart from sore gums which I understand is my circulation in my gums improving. The only real problem is I have turned to gardening to keep busy, and I am sowing seeds indoors so on almost every surface Ii have trays of compost all over my home. It definately helps to turn to a hobby I think. But it is now ocd! Congats to every one else who hve stopped smoking. I hope it gets easier. I would love to not have to make that concious desision not to smoke.nately helps

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Hello and welcome,

Well done on getting to week three, thats really good going, what quit method are you using?

Gardening sounds like a good plan too. Mine is running as I'm running a 10k soon so that helps me stay quit. Keep going and stya strong :)

Well done and good luck for the 10k.

I though about doing the race for life which I think is 5 k. Would like to try running now I can breath with out wheezing:) I am using lozenges. They are great but up until yesterday I had one in my mouth 24/7. The only bother I am having is my sore gums. Yesterday I had to have soup as I can not bite down. I undertsand it is not abnormal. But I feel like my mouth is on fire.. Never mind,. At least when I do get to bite down I can taste what I am chewing on! All good.

Hello Newme. You've done really well! Not sure whether you're growing vegetables or flowers... but either way, when they mature you'll be able to enjoy their smell/taste that bit more for being a non smoker. Best of luck x

Well done Newme, I have visions of you being in the kitchen trying to cook while fighting your way through a jungle of plants! :D

home invasion

that is precisely what it will be like. I am aiming for pretty rather than practical and growing flowers. My fella cant go to the bathroom without knocking plants off the windowsill.

My fella is still smoking, and in the house too. When i have been out and return home I am disgusted at how much my house stinks. To think I used to bring guests into my house and rhey smelt that?

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