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Day 15!!!!! Wahooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Hi all,

I am now on day 15 and boy at times I did not think I could make it but here I am! I had an awful day on Sunday - actually my OH did as I was a complete and utter vile cow all day! He has forgiven me though - phew!

He has also decided to stop and is on day 5 but the maddening thing is he is having no cravings at all!! I am pleased for him but don't understand as he smoked double what I did. I do have really good days though, more good than bad now, so it does seem to be getting easier for me.

Hope you are all ok and still smoke free

Lots of love

Josephine xxx

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Hi Josephine :D

Well done you on day 15 that's great Big Hug for you and pleased to hear that it's getting easier for you but sorry about the bad day on Sunday

Glad to hear that hubby has quit as well and on day 5 don't worry that he's not craving. maybe it's a man thing and he won't admit to you that he's having them HA HA

I'm fine thanks for asking and smoke free



Marg xxxxxxxxxx

hi there, well done on day 15. that two weeks done and dusted!! keep up the good work x

Well done on 15 days thats great. Don't worry about hubby not having cravings, he won't be biting your head off. It will help you so much that he is not smoking.

I wish you many, many more smoke-free days.


Soon be months

Well done to U and your OH, Will make it easier now u both supporting each other... Keep up the good work Kaz :p

Hi Josephine,

Well done to you so good your OH has stopped too it will make it easier for you. Maybe he is secretly having cravings lol




Well done on 15 days quit, and everyones quit is differant, but maybe it is a man thing with dealing with the cravings easier as my oh has recently quit too and is sailing through it,(making me fell a bit stupid) but at least we dont have to watch them smoking any more and put up with the smell! (from the cigs i mean not from them personally)


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