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No Smoking Day
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Day 7! Wow- day 7!!!!

:eek: Ooh! Day 7 and still clambering over those hurdles- well, more a gentle climb over as back is knackered! There were times I did not think I'd get to today, but hey, it's been ok really. So, to me and to everyone who's made it through the first week- congratulations!!

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Hi deedeebel :D

7 days is great well done you

Doesn't matter if you not quite as nimble this week due to a bad back you're still getting over the hurdles and that's all that matter


Marg xx


Congrats!!!! Your doing a great job, keep up the good work!



Well done Deedeebel, we made it :) Lets hope we both make it through the second week now :) I am sure we will !! together we can crack this addiction !!


Cheers all! It does feel good to have got this far in one piece. I just downloaded a cool quit calculator that gives you stats and little messages and emails you on milestones! Every little helps, and I think trying to be as positive as possible and see this as gaining something rather than losing something is the only way I can do it. And the truth is, I have gained already- about £35!! Plus a better sense of smell, less hacking coughing, I smell nice (!!), I can taste my food, the list goes on!


What is the website? Sounds like it would be encourageing to use!



Not sure how to do linkies but will have a go:


It's the 'quit counter', free download. It's v cool! You just stick your details in and off it goes!


You did great!

Thank you, this looks like it goign to be very useful!

Have a great day!

PS it's amazing how much you can get done around the house when you are NOT outside smoking! Whew, I have a super clean house!



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