One month birthday!

Hi everyone. I am pleased to say I am now in the one month room :D To celebrate I have a new hairstyle to go with my super healthy new body LOL. This is the best thing I have ever done as those who have got this far & over will testify. For all of you out there making your way to this point. Well done, keep going. Grow stronger by the day & see you all here soon. Love. gaynor xx

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  • Well done you!!

    That's great its so much nice when you start counting in months!!



  • Well done Gaynor you have done brilliant. Its a great feeling isnt it :) There is no stopping us now :D

  • WOOOOO....HOOOOO well done girl....... you should be so proud of yourself, I hit the 3 week mark today and it's not a good day. You need to put the new you pic in our group photo's bit.

    Well done again :) :D :D

  • Thanks Nic, Kate & Trendy. It does feel good doesn't it! New pic??? Maybe when I've lost the stone or two I feel I've put on LOL. Gaynor xx

  • Hi Gaynor,

    Congratulations on getting to the 1 month room. :D It seems to go even quicker getting to 2 months! Stay strong.


  • Thank you Deke.

    The last week has flown by I have to say. Looking forwrad to being able to post my next mile stone ;)

    Take care.



  • Ive put half a stone on and I still cant stopped nibbling lol. I will worry about that in a month or two ;) The MDS are strong think we are all doing really well :)

  • Hi Trendy, As you say we can tackle the weight thing further down the line. Got weighed at the docs last week & I weighed the same. Nice, but sure don't feel like it. Bet it doesn't say that next time LOL.

    Keep strong :D

    Love. Gaynor. xx

  • You have dont brilliant still weighing the same, wish I did I seem to be putting on a lb or 2 a week. :eek:

  • Hi Gaynor :D

    Well done you 1 month done and dusted is great Congratulations

    Big Hug on it's way for you


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Gaynor you are now counting in months, that's brilliant. I am glad you are giving yourself something nice for doing so well.

    I wish you many more months of smoke-free living.


  • well done, counting in months is great! dont worry about the weight thing, it will all sort itself out. I put nearly a stone on in the first two months but its coming off now and have lost half a stone. Keep up the great work xxx

  • Congratulations

    It is a really good feeling when you reach 1 month go girl, you sound confident to which is great. Well done



  • Thank you

    Good morning everyone.

    Many thanks for your lovely messages of support. It means a lot.

    Have a lovely smoke free Sunday :D

    Love Gaynor. xx

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