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One Month!

Just hit the start of day 30' 2 hrs, and 56min ago! After many failed attempts my longest start at no smoking made!

The first week was awful, second not so bad, third week was the week from hell. I didn't think I'd last the week, felt absolutely horrible.

Saturday arrived and the fog lifted......I have had the best 3 days in a long, long time. No breathing issues, don't smell of smoke, just can't explain the difference. Cravings are there, but less and less intense. The tiredness has abated a bit.

The one major plus - in only 29 days of being smoke free Doc has already dropped 1 blood pressure pill. My goal is to eventually lose the other and hopefully a few more pills as well.

I'm arguing with my brain from time to time over messages "you need a smoke" - no I don't and so far I've proven I don't.

I'm going to beat this demon, I am ..... You are right, it does get better! :):)

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I'm arguing with my brain from time to time over messages "you need a smoke

Don't argue with it just tell it you are the one thats right and you don't need to smoke. Keep telling it that you are in charge and you will do as you want- Not smoke

Well done on the first month


Congratulations on getting past the 1st month - well done to you :)



Thanks both of you for responding. It doesn't look like many posting in the one month room.

Had a great day! A bit nippy, but sun was out, that helps!

Hope everyone else is doing well with their quit!

Thanks again!



Well done Cathy, only a day or to between us, I am five weeks tomorrow.

So we are both doing great.

Love Joan x


Cathy and Joan, you have both done great, be proud of yourselves. I am so pleased that so many people want to quit. Everyday we have new members on this forum. You can both pass on your experiences now to the newbies now that you are 5 week experienced quitters!:)


Thank you Haze for your kind words.

It is a good feeling even to get past month one and I am sure Cathy feels the same. my family are over the moon with me, so thats another bonus.

Love Joan xx


I bet your family are proud! It is a fantastic achievement and they love you so they dont want you harming yourself. I never thought about the effect on my family? strange how selfish smokers are, fortunately my 2 kids dont smoke. You are doing great Joan and you are very supportive to other members too so be proud of that aswell.:D



Joan and Haze,

I'll admit, pretty proud of myself at the moment. Added a couple more days since my post. It isn't easy to make it this far, but it is getting easier each day.

Last Saturday it was like a light bulb turned on - I felt so much better, energy is back, and things are going great.

The brain has quieted, just the occasional blurb telling me I need a smoke, which I don't, I move on, get busy with something.

I didn't worry to much about what might family wanted either. They've never bugged me much about it. This is ALL my doing, I wanted to do it, and now so glad I have given it a go!

I know I'm like an alcoholic, I can NOT have 1 puff, nor 1 whole cig. I do it's over.....

And at the moment I have NO desire to go back to experience the first days again, but once past them it is so amazing if you have yourself in the right mind set. And awesomely worth it! ;)


Excellent positive post there, Cathy....and welcome into month 2.

Keep positively affirming that smokes aren't for you and you'll totally take care of the odd craves that come your way. As you know life has down days as well as ups. Now that you have the measure of nicotine you'll manage to sail past those less than good days.

Keep positive and remember that there's nothing to lose but so much to gain.


Well done Cathy, I can feel your positivity through your post.

You are right to be proud of yourself and I agree that it has to be your decision to quit and something you want to do for yourself. Have a great positive smoke free weekend!:D



Thanks Cav!

Had a very stressful day at work. One that normally would have seen me smoke my way thru a half a pack. Had a split seconded thought that a smoke would be nice! But, you know what - that split second passed!

Stopped at a store where some people had been smoking. At first, my nose wrinkled a bit when I entered. Could smell the cold ash tray. It didn't send any triggers. When I returned to my car, got in, I thought "dang, now my clothes smell". Before, quitting I'd never have noticed any of that! :)

Still day2day, but moving right along! It does and will get easier, mind-set is a must!

I'm like an alcoholic, 1 puff, 1 cig - it's over! (not today!)

Cathy. :D


Well done Cathy!!!




Alex thanks!

Another good day today. Ran into a couple locally that quit about the same time I did, we hashed over complaints and ailments. LOL

Getting a bit concerned w/ the weight gain now! Sighs .... Daggone, gotta slow this down. I was never a big eater, but now feel like I'm making up for lost meals. It's not in snacking, it's the meals, I'm always hungry.

Keep trying to tell myself to deal w/ one thing at a time, but might not be able to hold this one off or I'll not have any work clothes (uniforms) that fit! Sighs again...

Might be time to drag the bike out of the garage rafters and see if all the moving parts still work..... Hummmmm

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the Moms here!



Happy US mothers day Cathy well done on your quit to now:D

I'm also trying damage limitation regarding weight loss. Joined a gym which is costing less a month than smoking. Ate loads the 1st few weeks but calming down a bit now.

Stay strong:o


Calms down!

Glad the weight eventually settles. Talked to my Mom today, she said she gained about 20# when she quit, she is now a string bean. She encouraged me to just stick w/ the non-smoking issue for now while she marked new hems in the next size up pants I bought. She said the same as you, it will level out.

I don't find myself snacking, just eating more when I sit down. I'm going to try drinking a glass of water before I eat to try and "fool" my brain a bit! LOL

It will all work out, getting myself down about it will only compound and add to all the changes already taking place. :cool


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