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No Smoking Day
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Tracy recommended that I kept a journal last time that I fell from my quit, which I have done this time, had quite a good day today went to the smoke clinic (yawn) then to the hospital with Mark for his sleep apnea (sp) they have said he has to lose two stone bless him. Was really busy this afternoon but was having ciggy thoughts and just kept pushing them away. Then this evening about 7ish I lost it which isnt like me at all and I felt so much like going to the shop. Instead I wrote in my journal then read back as I had felt like these cig thoughts were really too much this afternoon. I read through and realised that I have had a lot more good days than bad days, plus the last time I had felt this bad I had been to the smoke clinic that day too.

Im still feeling uptight but there is no way a cig would help ;)

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Hi Mel :D

Great that you read back through your journal and found you have more good than bad days

Also that you've found the last time you felt this bad was a clinic day as well, now you can be prepared and hopefully not feel bad or if you do at least you'll know why




Hi Mel, Good on ya girl. Keep it up, you CAN do it. I thought the idea of the clinics is to support you & as you have done so well should have been sending you away with a pat on the back & a smile. My nurse was so lovely I was almost embarresed!! (Not really 'cos I was feeling pretty proud of myself) LOL. Keep reading, keep writing. With you all the way :D Gaynor. xx


Nearly 3 weeks

Hey neverstoptrying we are nearly three weeks pat on the back for us both :D


Hi Mel. I know, great isn't it. A minor miracle for me LOL. Week 4 here we come :D Gaynor. xx


Hi Mel, congratulations on your quit so far and you are doing fantastic!!

Some of these smoking nurses dont seem to be very good at helping us quit, but you could go next time and even if she is no help at all and dosent congratulate you, you could wear a smug smile on your face and feel fantastic when you say to her "No I havent had a single puff", wearing that smug smile will make you feel tons better next time!

Keep going you doing brill, we all in this together,

take care, x



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