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A bit of advice on Cravings

Hello all

I'm fairly new to this forum and I have generally received help and guidance this great forum provides and offered the well dones and the bits of support that we all need from time to time.

I have been cig free for 35 days and to be honest I have not felt too bad, a bit dodgy sleep patterns but that apart I've been great and was beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about.

However over the last two days, I have been a bit stressed with work and the kids and stuff and I would have quite literally fought a lion for a cig, I wanted one that much. In fact it was only luck more than effort on my part that stopped me from having one. I have been walking a lot recently to ease the excess weight that I know I will put on but I found a old lighter in the house that I took on my walk and was that close to calling into the shop!!! I think the only thing that stopped me was as I was walking to the shop, someone walked passed me who was smoking and the smell put me off and I also thought of the smell of me when I got back home that my wife and kids would have smelt and how upset I would have been in letting them down as my OH has been really supportive.

I presume that this is the dreaded cravings I have been reading about and I have to admit that I have never had an urge like that before, my long garbled question I suppose is does these craving ever go? Can I manage them a bit better? Can you ever spot one creeping up? Any help will do?

Thanks again forum and the continued best of luck to you all


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Hi Shaun,

It's great that you've got this far and found it easy, but most of us find that at some point or another the cravings will come along and smack us upside the head! Often when the novelty of quitting wears off and we start to get a bit complacent.

Some people have more bad patches than others. But generally speaking, the bad patches get fewer and further between as time goes by. It gets easier.

Excercise is good. Deep breaths. Cold water. All the stuff they tell you to do in the early days work just as well for the psychological withdrawals (which feel physical anyway, if you ask me).

Hang in there. This too shall pass.

And well done for not caving when the going got tough.

H x


heya, well done on your time quit and for looking for advice when you need it... everyone has bad days as well as good days :)

I deal with craves in the way that you did (without realising it). I look at smokers around me, how they smell and look but mainly how they act (a friend recently left me at the till in the supermarket with her purse so I could pay for her stuff because she really 'wanted one'. This is a friend who only smokes about 10 a day so she's convinced she's not addicted...)

I'm also a very stubborn person and I hate to not accomplish something I've set my mind to... so that helps as well.

Read links, watch videos and eventually you'll get something that stick in your head so well that it'll pop up everytime you think of lighting up (for me it was the 'thank tabacco you killed my mom' video... I couldn't even bare to watch it but listening to the sound of the person's mum trying to breathe is enough to keep me off cigs!)


Sorry if this is slightly hijacking the threadd but, oh my God SLB - I just watched it. Thank God I was alone in the office because I cried my bloody eyes out.

I am so, so glad I'm free. I can withstand the pain of any crave if it will save me and my family from going through that. I can no longer excuse deliberately putting myself in that kind of danger.

I've been feeling a bit weak the last day or so but man, has that reinforced my quit. Not one puff ever.


Thanks Helsbelles and SLB

You advice is greatly appreciated, it's always nice to know that there is someone out there that has either been through or going through exactly what you are! It's nice to know your not alone.

Where do I find the 'thank tabacco you killed my mom' video? I do want to see it, although after what Hels has said I may have to watch at home tonight rather than in the office.

Take care and thanks again



It's on youtube Shaun.


Thanks H

Will check that out tonight



Yeah, it's really shocking stuff... sorry, I probably should have put more of a warning on watching that video! I'm glad I'm free of willingly doing that to myself as well... I think people sometimes don't see how bad things like emphesyma are (they just concentrate on the big C)... but the Vid really shows the impact that it has on the family as well as the person which is what really stuck with me as well.

Eitherway, hope you're not getting any 'echo' cravings from yesterday shaun.


No worries SLB

I've been ok today, no echo cravings at all, I think that yesterday was the culmination of a couple of bad days put together and as I said it was more luck than judgement that I didn't cave in.

Thanks to you and Helsbelles for the advice today, I know I can do this and with the help I get from this forum, I will succeed and you never know one day I might be in the position of giving some great advice like the advice that I have received today

Take care



Hi Shaun

Have a look at the link below - it helped me. Hope it helps you too!


Thanks Carol

That's really interesting and totally logical, but it's amazing that we let our little friend continue to dominate us.

It did help me, good luck with your quit



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