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April Showers - Month 2

Hi Guys and gals,

How many April quitters have made it?

I'm heading into week 6 and I am now off the NRT. To be honest, i'm not reallly struggling any more with the cravings but I am on high alert as it is this point that I have gone back to smoking in the past.

Not any more though :D

I have put on a stone which is really winding me up but have just started the gym again so will hopefully clear that up.

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Im an old April Shower I went and smoked half a cig two weeks ago so put myself back to day one :( I am feeling lots better this time round.

Well done to you :) Mark is 6 weeks on Monday and is doing really well wish i hadnt been so silly as to smoke I would have been with you.

Hugs x


Hi GeordieDancer,

Excellent stuff on 6 weeks completed. You sound very positive, so before long I'm sure you will see the 2nd month done and dusted. Well done.



6 weeks is brilliant, you will soon be talking in months.

Well done.



Hi Geordie Dancer :D

Well done on 6 weeks that's great keep it up you're doing great


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hey Geordie Dancer

I'm still hanging in there, Just realised that I'm over the first month and on day 32:D Well done me.

Had a big test on Saturday and Sunday as the drink was flowing big time but not once did I cave so I was very pleased with myself.



Hi Bob :D

day 32 that's great well done you Big Hug om it's way

Well done also for not caving over the weekend with the booze flowing big time, You ahve every right to be pleased with yourself


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi GeordieDancer

Yes I'm still hanging in there, 50 days today!!!! still can't believe it myself.

Not having any craving at all, but my mood swings are terrible, I have never felt so down in my life. It's been going on for some weeks now so thought I should do something about it, so I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow.

One things for sure, I never want to smoke another ciggie again.

Well done all you April Showers and everyone else.


Hi Jules :D

Well done on your half Century that's a great milestone to reach

I hope you're proud of yourself


Marg xxxxxxx


I quit 28th of april and still going so I guess I count, although I am only just an april showerer


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