2 months done and dusted

ok u were right ya said it would get easier, you said i could do it[youve been nagging me and cajolling me for two months now. i hold my hands up . you were right. so iv done it.hope your satisfied and feeling smug.....I AM ... bloody chuffed as well.

M X:

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  • Well Done Mash :D 2 months is just brill

  • Well done Mash that is fab :D

    Now I have a new project for tonight,

    'For Mash Get Smash (ed) :p


  • fantastic news mash well done!!

    chasing your heels i best never catch em or we wont be pleased!!! lol.

    never quit quitting


  • Move over Mash and get me a drink to celebrate. Im so chuffed that you have stuck this out.

    Next stop end of month three.

    Lillie xoxoxox

  • Thats us all having a disco on top floor ^^^

  • Mash - keeping up the Octoberian tradition, well done matey - and you Lillie

    Save a space for me - I'll be there on 21st.


  • Great news! Well done Mash so pleased for you! :)

  • Well done Mash...I am the octopeeps escape committee temporary chairperson...in a month we'll be out of here ;)

  • thaanks folks not sure what dave means. but whatever that dancing man is on i want some .

    Mash x:D

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