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first social outing smokefree hey hey


hi all, I am so very proud of myself me & my oh went to a 21st party last night my very first night out since quit(2month 6 days almost done) & you know what everything was right, I actually enjoyed it. It wasnt half as hard as i expected. I was laughing at the fact that I couldnt out to smoke, in a kind of tongue in cheek aww its not fair way!!!I enjoyed the whole not smoking ,mixed my drinks, stuffed myself the lot & wasnt sick.. I used to always vomit after a night out like that (probably the million fags i used to smoke)....

So I am very happy, at this stage I felt confident i wouldnt smoke on a night out, everyone different, but i felt "up for It" so to speak just felt right.. well done me, i did miss it at certain points but my head was kind of in a fixed state of i have no goodie to me, coz earlier on in quit it seemed something I couldnt visualize ever doing ta for listening, having a well deserved bubble bath now.. i prob be back later :)

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Good for you KitKat, bet you're chuffed to bits, that's another hurdle you've got over. Hope you enjoyed the bubble bath you deserve a bit of pampering. David xx

hi david thank you,

i am very chuffed & yeah another hurdle over is a very good way of looking at it x had a good b.bath thanks, need to calm down got my driving test a week tomorrow of which i am having panic moments about it already, has my 5 year old asked me before - how many sleeps, i worked it out "8" i said eeek i thought x take care :)

Great news Kitkat - sounds like you are in the right place mentally to be able to handle social situations, I'm nearly there - I spend alot of time with my younger sister who is s a smoker & still find it fairly hard being around her while shes smoking but its getting better.

Also, just over two months is fantastic news - keep up all the hard work :)

Caroline x

Well done you, i know you were stressing over the whole social outing thing, but you may just find as you did tonight that the things you fear most actually end up strengthening your quit the most (although i would totally rule out skydiving/parachuting etc) ;)

You are gradually getting used to doing all things without smoking, so why on earth would you rule out going out.. millions of people go out every weekend and manage without smoking and they have fun, and so can you.. once your used to it totally, it will be the most normal thing in the world.

I know you worried about it, but there was a 'you' before you ever smoked that you are getting to know again, and i think you'll like that 'you' better.

glad you had a good night.


Thats great news KitKat, you deserve to feel proud as its a big hurdle to jump over...well done:Dxx

hi caz than you, i dont think i could have handled be directly with smokers so early on like you - so a big well done being near youre sister...suppose it helps a lot no smoking in pubs/clubs now otherwise who knows how last night would have turned out x

jase, thanks, yes you are right i am quite liking the new me today & the more i do go out i do hope it will be just a normal thing, i let u know tomorrow though about the new me when i begin potty training tomorrow with my 2 year old finally (cold turkey fashion :D - ditching the pull ups not working) dred the thought!!!!

u doing well too mate, read ure previous post, you done extremely well visiting smoiking relatives, the ultimate test, a very big well done. I am quite lucky in that respect hardly any of my relatives smoke anymore either ex smokers or have never smoked... so i am opposite when i pay visits it seems so nice for me not to find a reason to go home earlier just to smoke!!! x

we doing good :):)

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