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28 days smokefree


I am so happy to have come this far. It feels like I am living a proper life, free from the demands of feeding my nicotine addiction.

I did dream last night that I caught my 15 year old son smoking. I woke up in a cold sweat. I am ashamed of smoking for so long but I am most ashamed of being such a poor role model for my boys. I can't bear to remember how I would make them wait for something while I had a cigarette. I do not want to go back to that - no way!

I slept in this morning so no Pilates but I will do my Couch to 5k session later on. The sun is shining so it is a lovely day for a run.

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Hi Ellie :D

WOW 28 days smoke free that's great just keep going

I think all of us with kids used to make them wait at times while we had a fag

Love and a Hug

Marg xx

Well done Ellie, 28 days is 4 weeks and you will now soon be counting in months...

Dont panic about the smoking dreams its fairly common, all part of the addiction.

Stay strong lovely


Well done Ellie a whole 28 days is brilliant, talking in months now. Wishing you many more smoke-free months.



Big Pats on the Back for you!!!

28 Days is MegaFab!

Well done!


Thanks, ladies!

I must confess I feel very tired today. I didn't get any exercise done. I decided to have a lazy day. I put my feet up when the boys went bowling. I don't think I am coming down with anything, I just feel a bit blah.

well done 28 days done and dusted....:)

I had a dream the other night about my son smoking although he's 24 and as

never smoked....its the only strange dream ive had though...

Today is a good day. I have an app on my with my quit stats and if I feel myself wavering, I check them out. It includes the estimated deaths from smoking related illnesses worldwide since I quit. At this moment, the figure is 279,185 people in 29 days! It is a sobering figure.

yay well done

well done ellie you must feel so proud 28 days cant wait to get there bet it feels so good :D

congrats xxxx


Nearly a calendar month

Hurray it's the weekend. I have had a hectic but enjoyable week. We had OH's Spanish niece and nephew staying so I had 6 kids all week. They were all good for the most part. I am taking the 2 visitors to Dublin tomorrow to their Gandfathers then I am going to visit my friend. She lives in Dublin but we have booked into a hotel for a bit of pampering. (She has been having chemo.)

My couch to 5k is going well. I am even planning to run in Dublin. I am loving my new life! My husband is nearly finished the duty free and will be watching the Allen Carr dvd so hopefully when I get back Monday evening he will have started his quit!

Have a good weekend everyone.

5 weeks done tomorrow!

I can't believe it is 5 weeks tomorrow. The only thing bothering me is a runny nose.

My couch to 5k training is going well.I have signed up for a 10k Fun in June with my eldest son. That should help keep me focused. I have got quite a few sponsors already so I have to keep on track so I can do the run.

OH is dragging his heels slightly over stopping. However, I am saying nothing. Hopefully, he will be ready soon.

Congratulations! just are doing great!!! but you know that don't you!:)

Thanks, Nicbasher. Iam feeling great.

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