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Just a quick rant

Just thought Id post a quick rant on here as it helps my cravings.

Been having alot of cravings again recently, especially over the last couple of days. Ive been quit for nearly 5 months now but still get the odd urge. Its been worse very recently because Im moving again and I live alone so having to do all the moving stuff on my own, flat hunting, paper work etc always makes me crave because of the stress

I think because I feel lonely I want something to fill that lonelyness and my old friend the cigarette is no longer there to fill in the gap:( so in turn I feel even more lonely and end up craving and feeling totally miserable.

Also Im STILL waking up every morning feeling anxious and sad, 5 months on !!

I do wonder if there is anything more I can do or if Ill just be like this forever.

/rant end

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Hi James :D

Almost 5 months quit is great well done

I'm sorry you're getting craves again at the moment, maybe it's a trigger because you're moving again

Maybe some more reading would help as you're feeling stressed and lonely


Marg xxxxxxx


Thanks Marg, you're always there with an encourageing word and a positive look on things. You're such a valuable asset to this forum :)

I'll be fine, just need to get over the next few days and I'll be right as rain again.

Thanks again :D


Yup, I know that gap.... I fill mine with a glass a wine at times :) but you can't dwell on it otherwise you will most likely continue to feel low...... we all have natural highs and lows and during times of stress in particular craves seem to just hover...... maybe you can find some ways to get those happies back..... exercise works well, or deep breathing, meditation even..... anything to replace that gap..... if you take something away (fags in this case) you HAVE to replace it with something otherwise you become sad and wish for things back to how they used to be.... being on here helped me fill the gap..... well and that glass of wine :D You hang in there and be positive!


i had a load of random craves the other day after months of none at all following some bad news. i have also put it down to feeling lonely and wanting something/one to comfort me. i actually didnt really want to smoke. i KNEW it wouldnt help but still felt like i needed it. i wanted the feeling i used to get before i got wise - the friendship, crutch, the reliable old pal thats always there in times of stress and unhappiness.

however i know that if id have given in, how much more crap id have felt and im sure you would be the same. you have come so far. dont give in now. if you can move house and not smoke (the second most stressful thing in life so they say) then thats a massive hurdle you are over!!

stay strong x



Thought I had seen the word HALT quoted somewhere on here. When you get a crave, check if you are Hungry or Angry or Lonely or Tired. Anyone of those can be mistaken. Here is a link to the article.

I have used this on a few occasions and its helped.


Many thanks for the wise words of advice folks. Feeling better today and am making some positive changes in my life. I have used alcohol to fill the gap before but I think that could have easily become a problem in its self for me as I dont know when to put the bottle down and say thats enough for the evening. Being the all or nothing kind of guy I am, Ive decided to not drink at all any more either, I dont miss it all that much, and I certainly dont miss the hangovers :D

Excercise is the best way to go, and long walks on the beach help. Both are healthy and also stress relieving so I cant go wrong there.

I also think I need to tackle the things that are making me unhappy in the first place instead of trying to fill a gap.

I also have used Paul Mckenna's relaxation CD, which I got free with a newspaper a while ago. It really does the trick and I was almost scared at how effective it can be !!

Anyway, thats my anti-rant to combat my rant of 2 days ago. Thanks again to those who have been kind enough to reply.



Hi James :D

I'm so glad you feel better today and as you say probably better to at least cut down on the booze

I like the idea of walks on the beach, I used to live right by the sea and loved walking the beach and prom in all weathers, shall be doing that next week as off to Cornwall for few days


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Carry on ranting if it helps, the walks help as well.

Margeth I used to live in Cornwall, there is a lovely beach at Polzeath and the safest beach in north cornwall is Daymar, have a great time.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx

PS thanks for your support.


Hi Pupalup :D

Thanks for that I'll be based at Newquay, so are those beaches anywhere around that area

I'm sure I'll have a great time, was born in Somerset but haven't been back to the West Country for years


Marg xxxxxxxx


Ooh lucky you Marg - a few bracing walks along the beach is just what I need right now.

I came on here to see if anyone else was having a rant as I have been feeling pretty low lately too. I'm not so much missing ciggies, it's just that so many other things are not so good in my life right now that i just sometimes feel like I may as well smoke.

I know I won't because that won't make anything any better but I sometimes need to remind myself that giving up the fags has been a really positive thing.


I think it effects quite a few people on months 4/5 this way from what Ive read on here in the past. I think its that because the cravings are far far less frequent than they were in the beginning they catch you off guard when one does hit. The trick is to be prepared for it at all times and to ride it out.

It is true, I am very lucky to live so close to the beach and go there more than once a day usually. In fact I'm just off for my evening stroll now. It really can make things easier.

Enjoy your trip Marg, you certainly deserve it !!


Jerry Lee, That is exactly the way I feel! Tried to post it on here, but it came out wrong. Nice to know I'm not alone. Hope everything is better for you soon.


Hi Jerry-Lee and Jody :D

I'm so sorry you both feel a bit low at the moment

I can only assure you that it will get better and as you know only to well smoking will only make you feel worse not better I wish I could take you both with me to Cornwall


Marg xxxxxxxx


Thankyou I'm sure I'll have a lovely time and I'm always happy when walking by the sea or even a river bank, I love the water it's so relaxing I shall take some photo's and put them on here so everyone can share my break


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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