Need a rant

Ok didn't know where else to put this, but i need to put this somewhere. OH is now lying on our bed saying he doesn't need to sleep just needs a nap, hard day at work.

I have been in front of the computer nearly all day doing his accounts, i then took 3 kids swimming gave them tea and bathed them, and now it appears he is too tired to help me put them to bed.

I feel like saying i need to get out of the house for a bit, hard day and all that and could he look after the kids (after they are all in bed of course) and i would go to the shop buy 10 and smoke them all while listening to the radio really loud.

Thanks for listening to my rant.


4th time is the charm

BTW what i AM going to do is put my PJ's on and cook MYSELF something nice, then curl up with a cup of tea and a good book, i know how to live the life.;)

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  • A poke in the eye.....

    Hi Bev,

    Been where you are now & I know how you feel.

    Glad to here you decided on PJ's, a relax etc FOR YOU.

    Hopefully you won't ever start smoking again but never do it because you feel somebody made you. Say No I won't smoke because of how you made me feel & poke them in the eye LOL.

    Love Gaynor xxx

  • Hi Bev

    Can I join you?

    Pretty please................i'm gagging on a fag.

    Carol xx

  • It would be a pleasure

    Please join me Carol, how do you take your tea? or would you prefer coffee? If it helps to paint the picture my PJ's are pastel stripes:D


  • Milk two sugars please..................and keep me away from your hubby as i might kill him :D No offence to your hubby just men in general :D

    Carol xx

  • Kettle on

    Hubby decided to get up and sat infront of TV, that is why i am here in the office away from him.

    I have just told him to walk the dog so maybe we can have that cuppa on the sofa when he has gone?

    God he just read this over my shoulder whoops now i'm in trouble:eek:

  • Lol :D

    Looking forward to that cuppa :) Can I have a fag with it?

    Carol xx

  • Sorry no fag, how about a choccy biccy instead, or maybe even 2 oh dam it lets have the whole barrel. it is friday after all.

  • Why not................rather have a fag but hey biscuits will do ..........and chocolate ones .............hehe my favourite. :)

    Has hubby gone out with the dog yet? Hoping it's safe to come round :p

    Carol xx

  • All clear

    whenever your ready he should be gone for a good hour

  • Please I'm gasping?????????????????????


  • How bout more choccy biccys i do have a reserve for emergencies, but no fags, not tonight.

  • Hi Carol :D

    DON'T YOU DARE have that fag


    OK I have the steel toecaps ready and will be there very soon just give her a slap until I get there


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Chrissie and Carol :D

    OK got the signals and I'm on my way right now and have them steel toecaps with me just in case I need them

    Come on Carol what's wrong tell us so we can try and help you


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I'll be sick if I eat any more biscuits :( But thanks for the tea and biscuits they were yummy :)

    It's just been one of those days where everything has reminded me of smoking...went to work this morning where I always used to have a fag half way through my shift...........then went out to the cemetary with flowers for my mum and i always used to get back in the car and light a fag.........then went to costco to do the big monthly shop, hmmmmmm at least 2 fags after fighting my way round there. Just been a horrible horrible day when i have wished that I had never stopped.

    Going to go and play the wii with my youngest to try and keep myself out of trouble...........sorry for moaning guys.

    Hopefully happy smoke free carol will be back tomorrow in month 1.

    You can put the steel toe caps away Marg :eek:.....I promise I'll be good.

    Thanks for the slap Chrissie's knocked some sense into me :p

    Carol xx

  • Good for you

    glad to help with the tea and biscuits, anytime.

    Sorry to hear about your day and a big well done for getting through it.

    Hope you have some fun on the Wii, i'm going to bed with that good book i promised myself.

    Hope and trust that tomorrow will be better, but if not we are all here to help and push you through.


  • Thanks Bev............just been one of those days I guess :)

    Hope your book is good and you get a good nights sleep.

    Carol xx

  • Thanks Chrissie I needed that hug.........wish I was sometimes too :D

    Came very close today to giving in but I didn't so another day is behind me and hopefully tomorrow will be an easier one.

    Carol xxx

  • No Chrissie NO MEN................I'll either kill them or smoke. :D

    Carol xxx

  • Hi Carol :D

    PHEWwwwwww thank the lord for that

    I'm so sorry you had such a bad day but tomorrow will be better I'm sure and you hit the 1 month mark and that nasty week 3 is over and done with :eek:

    You go and have fun on the wii and I'll go put the steel toecaps away as you PROMISE to be good

    Don't apologise for having a moan we all do at times and it's better than bottling it up or smoking again which wouldn't make anything any better anyway

    See you tomorrow, by then you'll be a happy girl again

    Bev I hope you feel better now as well


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Marg.............I'm off to play the wii as the wee one is waiting for me.

    Chrissie has 3 men going spare maybe you could use them marg..............:p

    Night girls and thanks for everything

    love carol


  • Hi Chrissie :D

    OK OK don't tell the whole world about them men I passed on to you :p

    Night Night to you both sweet dreams


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

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