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No Smoking Day
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Just popped in for a rant!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a crappy, horrible, nasty nicotine craving, miserable, angry, awful day I've had.....

I didnt sleep much last night, and today has been HORRIBLE!!!!! Nearly 7 weeks into my quit, nearly 2 weeks nicotine free, and I've craved, and craved, and craved all feckin day. It's been the hardest day of my quit so far, and I just don't understand it. I've made it through, but it's been soooooooo tempting just to go out and buy 10 fags. Stupid nico demons!!!!!

And another thing.....this bloody post nasal drip malarky i've got going on! My voice goes from husky to totally non existent in the space of a couple of words. I've got to constantly try to clear the crap from the back of my throat, and I'm SICK OF IT!!!!!!

I am so damn miserable right now. The bairn is messing about and not getting ready for bed, and I daren't leave the safety of this bedroom in case I start growling at him. I can't shout at him to hurry up of course, cos me bloody voice is nacked!!!!


Ok, thanks for listening. See ya :rolleyes:

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Hello Dave

Been abit crap today then?

Its funny i can remember moving into month2 feeling lets say not my best-i think its because the 'newness' and 'enthusiasm' and loss of peoples 'understanding' begins to wain about now..... you are doing great, remember you spent years smoking crap and tar, so dont expect it to leave quickly. I too suffered from post nasal drip-you need to see it as a sign that your body is cleansing itself-dont fight against it, live with it! it will go....eventually.

You are doing the best thing by the way-removing yourself away from stressful situations as, your family should not bear the brunt of your craves-so well done you, a thoughtful quitter!!

stay strong xx


Ohh Dave I know how you feel with PND it's a right pain in the rear:mad: but just keep strong tomorrow is almost upon us:D



Yeah what Shabba said. What you did tonight with staying in the bedroom so that the family didn't get the sharp end is just great. Shows you are considerate as well as willing to compromise the short term for the long term benefits of a life free from Nic O'tine.

It does get easier...but sometimes that doesn't help in the specific moment. How about you keep coming on here and posting your frustration/anger and read what others have to say. Read maybe a bit from the sites in my sig, and by that time you'll find that the crave has gone.

Course that's not going to cure the sleeping issues. Disruption to sleeping patterns is part and parcel to quitting. There are different pieces of information in the sites below that will help with understanding the changes you are going through in your quit.

Keep on keepin' on,



Hi Dave :(

Oh dear a right pig of a day then to put it mildly no wonder you want to rant well thats fine much better to rant than cave and you recognised it for what it was the B...........d Nicotine :eek: Monster he is so sneaky

I rember having a day like that at about 7 weeks I would have given in I think but was when we had first lot of snow [lasted 24hrs] and could not get out I phoned my son for a rant and then came on here as well luckily haven't had another since

I do hope you feel better for it

You will feel better tomorrow because as they say tomorrow is another day

just stay strong and hang in there

All the best



hi dave you hang in there,,we have all gone thgought the same thing on here what you call a pig of a day,,,,you are going to over come all of that,because you have the will power to do it,just read all the posts on here and you will see how much we all want to help you so you be strong and keep the faith tony,,N.O.M.P.,,keep:D:D



check the PM I've sent you.

It's a really useful link re PND cures ... but the <tolerant, intelligent, rational> people running this site don't like the link being posted.

Anyone else want it - PM me.



OMG I can't believe they don't like that link being posted, if you hadn't pm'd it to me I would have thought I was suffering from something really drastic.


They're lovely people moderating this site - you'll come to learn this in time...




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