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Rant needed!!

Morning all, doing grand and soldering on, I am experiencing irritability this week, which I was expecting at this stage and unfortunately my hubbie is getting the blunt of it when I get home from work as have to bite my tongue there!!

But badly need a rant as I am so annoyed - about an hour ago, my work colleague, who sits right beside was going out for her smoke break and asked me was I still off them in a very sarcastic tone, I replied cheerfully, yes 6 weeks yesterday, she replied are you not tempted to smoke, I said again cheerfully, not tempted one bit and she just walked off as my other colleagues said how great I was doing.

What is annoying me so much is, she knows rightly I am still off them as every day somebody asks how I am doing. She has not once said anything positive to me since I quit and when I first started my quit she said to me was there something I had to tell them (pregnant!). She is the only one on my team that has not been supportive or encouraging. I know alot of it is to do with envy that I have quit and succeeding but just needed to get the annoyance of my chest, sorry, I know its very minor, people are strange eh!

Hope everyone is doing good....

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Hi Rowens

I think you're absolutely right and that she is jealous of you. I do think that most smokers wish they didn't but they can't muster up the courage to quit. I used to be one of them myself.

It's no longer a fashionable thing - not that it ever was but when I first took up the habit almost everyone smoked and it didn't really seem to be disapproved of like it is today.

Don't take any notice of what she says and let's hope that your success persuades her to think about quitting as well.

Onwards and upwards :)


Thanks Linda, hope you are doing good....


Yes Rowens, things seem to be going well for a change (don't want to tempt fate though lol).

Still a way to go but we're getting there. Hope you have a good day at work and don't let anything or anyone get under your skin. Just remember that you're the lucky one - you don't smoke anymore.:D


I'm not surprised you're angry rowens. She WANTS you to start smoking again. I've heard a few like that:

"Oh you've packed in the tabs again have you?" (In condescending tone, meaning "it won't be long until you start again)

"How long have you gone this time? Three weeks!, Well you've got it cracked now haven't you!" (meaning, "it won't be long until you start again")

"I wish I could stop but I don't have the willpower you have" (meaning, "it won't be long until you start again")

Ignore her, it isn't worth getting drawn in (easier said than done I know)

I could just do with somebody like that to shout at at the minute actually!


I had such a laugh when I read your post LOL

Rowens, those people DO exit, they are called "sore losers" !!!

I have a few of them here in the office too.

Stay calm and let it go, don't let those sore losers affect your quit ;)


Thanks everyone, I'm over it! I am dealing with the emotion now of some of my colleagues I worked with for the past 19 years leaving in redundancy process today, very sad as most of them had to leave compulsory in one section. I will be glad when this day is over!


That's a very difficult situation to deal with, I should know it well. I've been there twice.

Rowens, the only advice I have for you is to stay close to the forum.... Don't leave it just yet.

Have a read, post....everytime you are posting to help someone, not only you are helping the other person but you're helping yourself mostly.

Positive re-enforcement and maturity are the key factors to stay quit.

It is much easier for you to stay in control when you're around the forum.

Strongs girl!


This is my 3rd time going through a redundancy process in the same company in the last 5 years, but this one was the worst as the last 2 were voluntary but this one majority compulsory and was hard to watch people so upset leaving today that didn't want to go, 35 left from my department alone so going to be pretty empty on Monday.

Why you think I am leaving the forum? I would be lost without you guys! I actually look forwarding to reading and posting on the forum every day.....


You must be working to the same employer as me lol

It's not very nice when you see people leaving, but like I always say any change is always a good thing.

We went through redundancy 3 times as well, and by the end of the last time, there was only abt 15 of the old staff left. They started recruiting again and now I went from being the youngest in the nearly the oldest, I'm like the granny in the place (I'm 39)

It is definitely a new atmosphere and a new dynamic... I actually enjoy it better now.

I'm just waiting for the next redundancy phase, I might get it :)

By the way....we love you too, and I need you around, there's only the 2 of us and Linda left.

I think Pedz abandoned me! :-(


Ah thanks mmaya, I work for an Insurance company and the redundancies didn't appeal to me as I only live 5 minutes from work, 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, start and finish the same time as the hubbie, our workplaces are just up the road from each other so on same routs. I live in a small town so not much other job opportunities so commuting would be the only option. I do enjoy my work but going to be under alot of pressure now, but it will settle in a few weeks. I really thought I would be going compulsory but I survived!

Anyway, enough about work, its Friday! Hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy trick or treating with your kids tomorrow...


Best of luck to anyone or their colleagues, who are going through redundancy. It's hard to say positive at the time but we all need to try.

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."


So true...and any change is a good change... Even if it doesn't look like at the moment!!!


Rowens...It is like a mirror image..It is a reflection but nothing behind...I had it so many times that people who should actually support you are tempting you to see how strong you really are.

I am so bluddy proud of myself and you should be because they do not know the true intense temptation we need to defend each day... Well done Rowens


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