No Smoking Day
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really not feeling great

hiya all good morning =)

im on day 4 and over the last couple of days ive noticed a change in myself and my byfriend has just really strange the moods wich i put down to not smoking but generally i dont fel so good im really tired kind having interupted sleep witch after reading some posts on here many people are going through this! but i also feel ill =( anyone else feeling like this at all or maybe ive just got a bug =s im not enjoying work and i just feel angry and aggitated (i just dont feel myself right now =( still not craving though!!! =) xxx

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Oww sorry your not feeling well Tink, Its a rough ride at first, the sleep disturbance would make anyone grouchy. Soon the extra oxygen your brain is getting will make you feel much better. Maybe you could see your Doc for a quick check over if you feeling really ill mate. Just for peace of mind. Take care mate, it really dose get better I promise. xxx :)


thankx =)

thanks people =)

im not on patches but i shall have a look see what things i can get might make me feel better! yes it prob is the sleep thing and i do hope il feel better soon coz im def sticking this out! =)

xx much love!!!!



sorry to here you are feeling so bad may be a patch might help you I hope you find some help soon myself and my 3 year old son will say a prayer for you ((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))) Ray


hey tinker1bell

Sorry to hear you feel poorly. Take it easy over the weekend and remember - one hour/day at a time.




that was yesterday. today i feel much better (little tearful this morning) def looking forward to the weekend!!!! im gettin sick of chewing gum now soon ill be addicted to that!!! oh dear! ha ha ha ha

more worried about the writing on the back excessive consumption may produce laxative effects!!!! =( lol lol god damn it!!!!! ill stop now!!!!


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