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No Smoking Day
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I think Ive been possesed!

I quit smoking 33 days ago and the one thing above all others that I was happy with was that I hadnt been miserable, moody or weepy.

Today I woke up and wanted an argument. I fought off the feeling but have been feeling on edge all day. Ive been snappy, weepy and cant get enough nicotine. Im really having to be strong and make sure I stick to one lozenge every 2 hours, I cant risk increasing my intake at this stage.

Even my mum noticed how close Ive been to snapping. The feeling Im having is Im either going to smack some random individual that I drag off the street or cry.

I know this will pass but Im shocked that it has happened this far into my quit, I was expecting it the first week or two.:confused:

Lillie x

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ahh sending you BIG HUGS :(

the intent of the nicorette demon is to be as sneaky as it can and try and confuse as much as possible just remember it will pass and if your still feeling angry go and punch afew pillows that way you wont hurt yourself or anyone else

keep strong you can do this :)



Ooh lillie I know, believe me:(

When I first started this quit I thought it would be all over within a month haha:rolleyes: but it was not to be. I now think there is a lot more to this quitting malarky than I first expected, but then again it's not so bad cos look at all the good days I have had:) and am still having. I have now come to the conclusion that it will take about a year before I am really over it, but that is okay, cos I now accept that it is a process we are all going through and that I need to be a bit patient. I still get craves, on Monday night I decided I would like to smoke for a day, for a holiday from the quit, and then re-start the quit again lol dunno where that damn fool thinking came from:rolleyes: Luckily though all the shops were shut so it was too late to get cigs anyway, phew. And then yesterday I had an attack of the 'wistfuls', saw peeps smoking in the street and thought 'ooh, that looks nice'. But who am I kidding?? The benefits of not smoking are starting to kick in now, and I really don't want to lose my newfound energy to a plonky plant!! I was thinking this morning that I would love to have a bike again, before I quit I thought I wouldn't ever be able to ride one but now I think I could. And I have so much energy now I am starting to feel like Forrest Gump LOL!! So the benefits of the quit are now outweighing the negatives, and not before time either, grrrr. So stay strong lillie cos I know you are, and every day now the benefits will become more noticeable.


Zoe xxxx


P.S. lillie, I would go with smacking some random individual you dragged off the street rather than smoking, soooo much more satisfying :eek::D:p:cool:



Ha - Zoe , and I told you earlier how eloquent you were, now you're advising a stranger to go out and slap a stranger!

Know what youmean though, Lillie, I'm only 20 days in (soon to be 21), but I am v short tempered. Only good side is, our youngest son is almost 15 and like a living embodiment of Kevin the teenager off Harry Enfield on the TV. He can be a very argumentative, lately all it takes is one of my "don't you dare f**k with me looks" and he just walks away.

Keep on keepin' on - it's all worth it.



Aw Lillie,

I didn't catch this post yesterday, sorry. You're doing amazing and if your like me then your emotions are all over the place. One minute you're happy, then mad, then really upset. I think it's part of the course and you just have to ride this feeling and it will pass and you'll feel on the up pretty soon. Hang in there, it will get better. Maybe you could punch a pillow instead or ask for one of those punchbags for chrimbo! GTAT sorry to hear you have a resident Kevin but it looks like your quit is keeping him in check LOL! ...that sketch always makes me laugh when Kevin becomes a teenager and changes from an angel to Kevin.

We're all proud of you lillie.

Lisa X


All the 3s LOL I am sure that as soon as you get past the beating people up stage you will feel so much better, just remember to tell the police when they lock you up not to give you any rollies as you are no longer a smoker:eek: if they keep you in long enough you will be over it all want you, padded cell may be a good idea as well ;) see you in the Penthouse cause I know you will get there x


Hi Lillie

Drawing on experience I think I've found things harder as I've gone along in my quit. Trying to control the level of NRT is hard. I've likened it to having to quit three times over this last 2 months. I had the first Week, then the drop from big patch to medium, then I thought "sod this" and binned them altogether. I was having major tantrums each time I reduced the NRT. I'm still using this damn inhilator and now worrying about having to get rid of that :o

I think that until we completely bin all NRT products our Nicodemons will not go to sleep properly and leave us in peace! Maybe we have one more little hurdle to jump but we can do it :)



Awwww thank you to all of you for your supportive and funny replies. I thought I should let you know I didnt beat a random stranger up and havent been put in jail lol.

Thank you

Lillie xx


more sympathy !!

Hi Lillie

Missed your post yesterday and hope you're feeling better today.

You are certainly having a rollercoaster ride both emotionally and physically over the past few days. Hopefully things will settle down for you soon, the rest of us seem to be having things much easier (or at least we get a few good days after our bad days!!) than you.

Glad I don't have to be on the streets of Telford these days......sounds as though the might not be safe !!!!! Surely you wouldn't thump a fellow quitter... would you???:D

Look after that QUIT of yours that is importain.:):)


Hi guys

the posts on here really did make me chuckle, even though I too am feeling a tad like I could kick someone arse today!!!! However, I often felt like that when i was smoking!!!

Keep up the good work and well done!!

Jo :D


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