Wow ive been a nightmare to live with

Jees, day 1 was a breeze, day 2 i was as tetchy as hell and constantly thinking about cigs... (on champix by the way) though the thought was gone in seconds i admit it, so on day 3 again i was fine, today whoaaah anyone with half a brain cell would have given me a wide birth, still constantly thinking cigs, and i also find myself going to the place where i used to keep them like im going to roll one whilst i am working, then thinking what am i doing over here.... grrrrrr.... so all is good apart from above, i havent caved in, but i guess i will have to apologise to hubby later for being a cretin! anyone else having constant thoughts and what are you doing for it or have done for it, that i could try...

thanks in advance

Spooks from Hell :D

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  • Hey Spooks,

    Day 8 here so know what you mean, those few days are nasty :mad:

    What I did was kind of like diversion; eg want a fag so water the house plants instead. Little things to divert the mind you know. Once you've done the diversion I found the intense wanting had passed.

    Also I had quite a rigid routine for fags eg get up, shower, coffee and outside for a smoke. Now it's coffee and internet/emails etc then out the door. So that's the first of the day gone. I carry on like that changing my routine so I try not to be in a position where I "normally" had a fag and therefore hopefully my subconscious mind would not crave.

    Hang in there, it does get better honest :)

    All the best


  • Pints of iced water, mint hunbugs, crossword puzzles and 30 seconds of jumping jacks or running fast on the spot were my personal arsenal of weapons.

  • Hi Steve

    Thanks for reply, i just about managed to incorporate a cig in just about anything i did, so i guess ive an awful lot of habits areas to break, today ive pretty much not sat down as we have had a huge clearout, which is i guess another area that i would think, right time for a fag break, and did think it a number of times, but hey im now chilled (still haven't apologized yet, oops) and day 4 will soon be behind me, i am still as determined that i won't put myself back at day 1 as this will gut me, right off to apologize now hehe :o

  • Pints of iced water, mint hunbugs, crossword puzzles and 30 seconds of jumping jacks or running fast on the spot were my personal arsenal of weapons.

    Love it... though jumping jacks are a little strenuous lol will go with crosswords the paper variety though!!!!:D

  • Yep, I know what you mean, Spooks. I used to find myself thinking things like "oh, it's time for a fag now", but it is just habit and I would have to tell myself that I don't have fags any more! Those sort of moments will become fewer and further between and they will become much, much easier to deal with. Honestly! :)


    PS I see you are on Day 4......that was my worst day....I could have committed murder on Day 4! It will get better!

  • Thanks for your reply noggin, its nice to know this isn't just a me thing and everybody has been there done it and hopefully a few more will quit and will be going through it (ie my hubby) least i know what to expect, i just hope we aren't at loggerheads in this quit fight!

  • You will do it Spooks, my biggest grrrrrrrrr is that TOH has had NO symptoms at all from quitting on Champix, not even one craving:mad: when there were times I could quite easily have killed every person I came into contact with. I could still slap the smug so and so :D

  • Int is quite common giving up any addiction to be quite nasty to people around us hoping they will give us permission to smoke. It is a common strategy 'if I am this nasty it is not worth stopping'

    This is a trick played by yourself to get somebody else to take responsibility for your quit. Hoping they will say 'just smoke cause you are not nice like this'.

    Your partner should be aware you are going to try this junkie trick on him and under no circumstances give you permission to smoke ;-)

    I promise it will subside and you will try new tricks.


  • hmmm maybe... but its not that i want to smoke and if offered one would not take it anyway, i am quite happy at the fact that ive given up, every passing hour is like a bonus that im getting through, but i do feel an inner rage sometimes bubble up. ( all the more determined not to be controlled by them if this is what they have done to my fag addled brain!!)

  • Agreed it is a nasty beast... But it is all a smoke screen. You as surely as night becomes day will see the smoke life shortly and see it for exactly what the habit is... Just keep not smoking and be as nasty as you have to be to ensure you stay quit.

    You can apologise to your lived ones later and smell nice when you do.


  • Thanks Paul it is true... nasty habit indeed, but i welcome this morning day 5 ;) and a less stress head me!!!!:D

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