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Day seven!!! Been away poorly

Hi Everyone,

I am on day seven and have not been posting because am at home with an inner ear infection and I usually post from work and could not remember my password but just have so here I am.

I have been reading everyone's posts although unable to reply so would like to say WELL DONE to everyone especially Zoemac and the June quitters.

I am doing OK as I have been ill and more dizzy than normal I have been sleeping a lot as the medication is making me tired so that helps pass the time!!

I feel utterly determined to do this and a large part of that is through the support of this forum and all the lovely people on it so thank you :D


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Hi Dottie, hope you're feeling better soon ((( hugs)))

You are doing great :) I'm really hoping this will be my final quit - getting sick of stopping & starting now!!

Heres to a healthy smoke free future for all of us :)

Denise x


I completely agree and I think the stopping and starting has actually contributed to my illness as I ended up stressed and always seem to come down with something when I am stressed.

Good luck & together we will do this



Well done hun making it through while feeling awful! worst bit done now so all up hill from here! keep up the good work xxx


Welcome back Dottie and hope you feel better soon :). Yes, the stopping and starting does make things worse, I am convinced I had a breakdown on one of my recent quits I was so stressed with it all. Just hope I can hang on this time.

Good luck to us all xxxx


ahhh not nice to have :( i had one of those the other week its like being drunk without the nice feelings you get yuk :eek:

glad to see your able to post again at least just take it easy and dont over do it


Carol x


Thanks for the messages,

Carol, how long did you infection last? I am off work and wondering when I will be able to go back as hate being off!!

Zoe, we can do this, we simply have to do one thing and not smoke. We can do this together xxx


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