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Bad day's, Good Day's


OMG I was in such a grumpy mood Sunday afternoon :mad: I picked on my hubby for most of it he has been very patient this time round, he has never smoked so doesn't really get it bless him. Yesterday was a good day I don't think I thought of fag's all day wish everyday could be like that. I have really bad arguments with myself :) I tell myself off for even thinking about going backwards. I really don't like having bad day's but it's going to happen & I am so pleased that I have managed not to cave in.

I have had a few problems where I would chain smoke and that doesn't resolve anything or make the problem go away. So I am glad I didn't cave in hoping this will be a week. Good luck to all hope you achieve your goals x

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Hi Dolly :D

Almost 10 weeks that's great well done Big Hug on it's way for you

Sorry you felt grumoy on Sunday, but it's nice for you that your Hubby is supportive even if he really doesn't understand it

Glad yesterday was good, just keep on winning those arguments with yourself

You're right smoking will not solve any problems for you in fact it would make it worse as them you'd also be mad at yourself as well


Marg xxxxxxxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done for sticking with it.

Yes the bad days are a pain but the more often you conquer them the easier it is to do and eventually you know that you need never smoke again!

You are doing great.


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