No Smoking Day
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Good day, bad day

Star jumping and burpeeing into day 10.

Had an evercise class last night and managed to do a continuous minute of both, big improvement on last week where I wheezed like a good un.

Bad cravings last night so an early night and I slept. Woo hoo. Hubby was at home this morning so he took care of the kids and the school run whilee I had a lie in. Feel a new woman.

Hows everyone this Thursday morning.

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Also slept

Exercise is the top recomendation for bringing on the sleep and it seems this works. I had a huge drive yesterday - left house at 3 drove to Kent, meeting for 1 hour, arrived back home at 16:00! By this time was ready to explode with energy as being sat on my arse for all that time isnt my cup of tea. Walked dog, played wii with son, got the weights out and did a few miles on exercise bike - result slept from 09:00 to 06:30. Best nights sleep in 2 weeks.

I noticed some 3am posters on here this week that should maybe try a walk after tea. Amazing what a good nights sleep does for your mood - all sort going wrong at work and i couldnt give a shit - feel like saying "i slept and im a non smoker so sod off and tell some one who cares" - probably not what they want to here from the boss but :D:D:D




Having a good nights sleep is always a great way to start the day and having a lie in is brill

Keep up the good work





Nothing like a good nights sleep. One thing I do well:) There are a lot of members living overseas so that probably accounts for the 3am posters.


WooHoooooooooooooo well done Fore :D the sleep fairy must of been doing her rounds last night I woke at 6.45 full of the joys of spring, no crazy dreams either lol

talking of exercise - I downloaded an app called "Rundouble" its a running trainer to start you off from couch to 5k (not that I plan running 5k lol) its bit by bit teaching you properly... run a bit..walk a bit.. apparently if you go in full steam ahead you can do ankles in

So going to load up some extra tunes on it pop in my earphones and off I go.....fresh air and get fit at teh same time theory that is the plan lol


Well I've been shaking my pom poms tonight and done a bit of cheerleading.

My good nights sleep has meant I had enough energy to go to the gym 2 days running, no afternoon nap required today to do it.

I can't run so I'm a bit of an exercise class freak. The harder and more challenging the better. Now the breathings getting better I may have to change and find one that does some more higher impact classes.

Glad everyone else is sleeping better. And can you believe we're nearly half way through October already.:D We are doing so well.


Fore... have you tried Zumba or Bokwa ....Bokwa is faster than Zumba but it os more repetitive a very good cardio workout tho


Love Zumba, try to go on a Tuesday, Bokwa thats a new one. Have you tried it.

Right time to find a class and give that a go.

Might also try spinning and a boot camp.


Yeah I done Bokwa before I done Zumba but sadly the bokwa class finished it was costing him to much in fuel to get out to us here.... ermmm can you post youtube vids on here?? if not Ill post you a link instead


Have a look at that Fore - that is a level 2 instructors class -its great fun I loved it


That looks goood fun, and seems a lot quicker than Zumba.

Shame your class had to finish. Off for a google now to see if i can find one local.


It is... its great fun... its all letters and numbers... the instructor uses symbols and hand signal above his / her head so you know what the next move it... if you like a challenge you will love it - I hope you find a class close to you


Got a couple of options for it.

Looking on the Bokwa site and one of the local classes is done by a former BB contestant. Rather random.


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