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One month early !!

(I really thought I had given up for a year and a half today and was geared up to post something. Its actually 1 year 5 months but whos counting;))

1 year 5 months ago today I choose a life of cream buns to replace my nicotine addiction. I did not choose to replace my 34" waist with a 38" waist but the two seem to be interlinked and I'm working on it. I'm more Primark than Levis at the moment as I dont intend to stay this way.

I really struggle to remember much detail of the early days of my quit now. I can remember for the first few days time seemed to stand still. I ate myself stupid. My wife tells me I was moody for a while (I don't believe her ;)) and I think I had mild depression for a while although nothing to get worried about.


Was it worth it? You bet your life it was. (Anyone who continues to smoke bets with their life everyday.) I was not in any pain. I was not bed ridden. It was just a slightly uncomfortable period that was mainly a mental battle and this time there was only going to be one winner.

I still think about smoking everyday, as it was a big part of my life for 24 years. However its what you think that counts. I do not have the slightest desire to smoke and KNOW I will never smoke again.

My work is such that I have time each day to peruse the web. I use some of this time to look in here each day,rarely post but I read and have my eye on a few of you;) Big changes have occured on this forum . Not many were preaching the "Educational method" when I arrived but it now seems commonplace. It really is the EASYWAY to stay quit.Knowledge is power. Understanding why you smoked makes it so much easier to stop.Please all keep passing this info down the line.

Checking out again 527 days after my last filthy drag and remember


P.S austin what you said is so true. I now work in a cigarette factory and am eligable for free company fags but I dont want them!!

P.S.S Allen Carr Rocks

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My Hero *swoons* ;)

Seriously, awesome stuff Mr. Pots and one of the many I looked up to when I first arrived here.

Most of those many no longer post their progress, or try to encourage the newbies.... You're one of the good guys, sir.


17 months or 527 days I love round figures :D well thats what I tell Mrs F!!!

Good going Tom,

You are a shining example.

All the best



Well bloody done my friend i hope. HEHE

Really enjoyed your post reading it made me think i want to be where you are and hopefully this time i will make it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





*mutters and shakes his head*

You've already done it, silly woman. Just don't go back.


What a great post, thank you for that. I makes me realise it can be done and will be done. A good incentive to all that post on here, whether old or new.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx


Hi Tomatpots :D

What a fantastic post I well remember the welcome, help and support you gave me when I first arrived as a newbie and for that I say a big thankyou

17 months is Wonderful



Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hello tomatpots

Love your post..

I year and 5 months and still not smoking!!!

An inspirational feat and I have cut and pasted your words into a file for referral on the tough days.

well done


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