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Tough day


Cor I have been a right bitch today. Snappy, picky you name it. I have laughed to but seem to snap very easy. Had sunday dinner washed up then got washing in and set about cutting the grass and that gave me a massive trigger crave, I would always go in after cutting grass make a cool drink and then go and sit out side with my drink and a cig. Instead came made a cool drink left it on the side and walked around the house ranting about every little thing. Shouted at the dog, shouted at the cat, not shouted at Mark though cos I know he is in the same boat as me. I know I am worrying about the drs with my Mum tomorrow my stomach is churning and i know it will prob be nothing to worry about.

Thank you for letting me have a rant..... seem to be doing a lot of that lately

Into week 3 tomorrow :eek:

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Sorry your having a hard day of it today Mel, but you are doing brill. week 3 tommorow!! i'd be real proud!!

Hope tommorow is a better day for you.

P.S my grass needs cutting He He xx

Hey there Mel

Rant on Hun, that's what the forum is for. You should give yourself a massive pat on the back for reaching the three week mile stone. That's a great achievement and I can't wait to be able to say I'm there.

There will be testing days along the quit but you will feel stronger in yourself if you hang in there.

Just remember that you would hate yourself if you had a fag and it would not change anything, It would make it worse.

This to shall pass (as my mum always says).

Hope all goes well for you and your mum tomorrow.

Massive congrats to Mark to for hanging in there.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well truth is there are bad days and good days, but as time goes on the good days get more frequent and the bad ones fewer and when you do get them are are easier to deal with.

Put it this way, if you want a silver lining, you've gotta have the cloud too.

Hang in there, you are doing great.

All the best


Hi Mel :D

You're doing great but sorry you had a rough day with massive Craves

As for being snappy I suspect it's as you said all tied up with your Mums visit to the Drs tomorrow

Rant as much as you like, just don't smoke

Well done to mark as well


Marg xxxxxxxx

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