The end of a tough day, but I got through it :)

Well folks that was a bit of a tough one, as some of you may already know my family and I take turns staying with mum to take care of her so I stay on a Wednesday night and work from mums on a Thursday. To start the day I realised brought the wrong patches, I lifted the hubby's he is on step 2 whereas I'm on step one so had a bit of a panic but just told myself to calm and put on a patch. I seemed to do well only took two lozengers through the day just feeling a bit stressed and feeling a bit sorry for myself now :(

On the other hand I was able to sit around smokers today and it didnt bother me, in fact the smoke was annoying me so that's a good change plus there were ciggies sitting about and I didn't even take a notion to have one so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself!

Just hope I wake up in a better mood tomorrow and get through my next challenge..... the Weekend!!!

Hope your all doing well xx

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  • Mrs Mash

    Oh, that Rollercoaster:(. But you've came through a difficult day, well done you. You are a Star:)

    I know what you means about weekends, they can be challenging, but hey, it's Summer at the end of this month:)

    Fi x

  • Thanks Kat & Nutmeg!

    Thank you for your always supporting words!

    Chilled out at home now, coming round to myself thankfully :)

    I'm determined to get through this weekend so I know I will :)

  • Sounds like a tough day for you ;( but !! You did well... ;) you didn't smoke.. Well done!!! Hope tomorrow's a much better day for you xxx

  • Morning hun

    Let me start by saying you done a great job yesterday, I'm so proud of you and be proud of yourself.

    No doubt u had smoked before whilst caring for your mum, but you managed to got through yesterday.:)

    You manged to be around other smokers as well, and did not even wont a cig.

    That is a achievement hun, so over happy for you.

    WELL DONE...Day 5 today u can do this also!

    Blessings sent ur way and also to your mum.

    Love Nadz x

  • Thanks Max and Natz!! Woohoo Day 5 Natz, no bother to us lol!

    Hope you both have a lovely day :)

    Spuddy lol x

  • way to go Mrs Mash!!!!!!

    You should be super proud of yourself achieving not smoking yesterday with a step 2 patch!

    :D Woop Woop!! celebrate good times come on lalala :D

    Day 5 now, we can do it!!!

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