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Well good morning Day 4!

Morning all,

Day 4 is upon me and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself so far. Yesterday only required one use of the inhalator, so I have challenged myself to get through today without using it at all (but I won't beat myself up if I have to use it)

Bit apprehensive about the weekend. Having more spare time on my hands means more chances to think about smoking, but I'm positive I will get through it. Think it might be an idea to avoid the booze though as I think it's too early for me to have a few beers and not smoke with it (stupid I know)

All the best for all of you on day 4, and to all of you much further down the line. In a weird way, I'm quite enjoying the challenge of this!! :D


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Morning dellboy :D seems we're in sync with quitting ^_^

Goodluck today (: you're doing so well :D

I'd defo avoid the booze XD if there's one thing to guarentee a loss of will power its a pint of beer :p that's how i've failed many times in the past ):

See you on day 5 :D we're half way through the week ^_^ xx


Keep going Dellboy, you know it makes sense. ;) Yeh I know, predictable and corny:)

Probably a good idea to keep off the booze for a while. This forum is littered with stories of how getting into the booze too soon has resulted in a lost quit.

If you do go for the booze what about telling everyone you are with that no matter what, at all costs, they are not to let you have even one puff.


Good advice, and as I will be with all family (and none of them smoke) then I guess it should be pretty easy to avoid the temptation. Having said that, I may just stay off the booze anyway for a little while.

At this rate, I might even start going to the gym again!! Well, maybe not! :p

Downloaded one of those litte quit counters on my phone, and it is quite nice being able to check how much money has been saved over the past few days. Should be enough to buy a few nappies for when the little one arrives!!

One thing I have seen mixed advice on is putting the money you save to one side (ie in a jar etc) Some people have said this is a good idea as you can then treat yourself at certain points through the quit. Then others have said that this is a bad idea (but I dont remember seeing the reasoning behind it being a bad day)! Any opinions folks?!?



Well I think with the money thing, you arnt saving money now, you're just not squandering it and making yourself skint anymore. If you put your money into a jar instead of spending it on neccesseties, then you're still making yourself short, so it may feel a bit depressed about it because you're still skint, and might feel like you might aswell smoke cos you're still skint!!

I havnt been filling a jar with money, only saving what I usually would for my holiday spends fund. So I'm enjoying having more money to spend on things I actually need/want rather than having to put that money aside for fags.


Hii everyone, this is my 1st time on here - I'm also on day 4 and needing some inspiration today!!

I totally understand where your coming from with the drinking at the weekend, I have a friends birthday party tonight and feeling confident at the moment but am going to need a lot more will power after a couple of drinks

:-/ just got to think that these past 4 days will be for nothing if I just have that '1'!

Does anybody else have partners that are still smoking? Me fiance doesnt smoke in the house but its a big part of our routine to cook dinner, eat, get up and go outside for a smoke and finding it very odd I'm staying inside whilst he goes out, I think I need something else to do after that evening meal together....apart from the washing up!! Anybody got any ideas?

Good luck every1 and keep going :D


Yeah twiglet I curl up on the sofa with a cup of decaf tea instead :) it works for me. Or you would have a boiled sweet or something?



Congrats Dell boy and Twiglet(cute name btw) on making 4 days!!!!

Twiglet- Find some thing to do with your hands, like a jigsaw puzzle or ironing, or if you find yourself in a craving...go brush your teeth :D(sounds funny, I know) but it changes ur mindset and you feel fresh, also undoes what smoking did in the past.


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