No Smoking Day
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Day 5 yeeeehaaaaaar!!

Today i'm still feeling very positive! I've really shocked myself as i didn't think i would get this far ever.

I can't wait to go back to the Stop Smoking Nurse and blow a big fat ZERO in that Carbon Monoxide machine!!

I've been snacking quite a lot since quitting, all the usual bad things like chocolate so i have been and bought grapes to munch on.

I really do feel like shouting from the rooftops "Look at me i'm not smoking"!!

What pleases me the most is 2 things, i now lesson my chance of having another TIA and also the money i have saved!! (About 80 quid so far)

Hope everyones having a good day.


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Well done

Hi Nikki well done you sound so possitive aswell. I go back on Wed to the nurse aswell will have to compare notes lol. Keep posting X


well done

Congratulations s:D your doing good:D


Hi Nikki :D

Day 5 WOW well done you, you sound really positive and that will really help you


Marg xxxxxxx


Ha ha Trendy, mines going to be gobsmacked, we have lost count how many times i have been and failed, this time i think she thought same, but i am going to grin so muh at her when she says how have u got on, thats if i can contain myself from entering the room to sitting on the chair hehe!!

Thanks for all the support guys, i love this place now, its my second home...i missed out no3 on my list which is.

Never writing on here that i slipped up!!

Come on guys and gals, lets beat it all together.:D


Hi Nikki Yeah a big fat ZERO That will be great. Well done you.



Excellent Nikki ... Keep it going mate ... Nice one ;)


:D :D its such a good feeling ...hold that happiness Nikki harness it ,,and keep it going :) well done


Brilliant ... you sound so positive... and thats the important thing....

You're through the worst of it now....

Be strong and keep going !!!!!


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