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Trigger day

Been quite bad with craves today even though I dont want a cig, think I must have had a lot of triggers today. I usually pick my friend up on a Friday to do the weekly shop and usually have a cuppa and a cig before we go, last week I couldnt cope with that but this week I had a cuppa and sat there while she smoked and it didnt bother me too much (other than the smell). Just feeling a bit uptight today.

Mark is diong brilliant and seems to be in a good mood when he comes home from work, just wish he would be quiet for two mins so I can chill out lol. I am so proud of him X

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HiTrendy, Although you've had a tough day it's great to hear that you could sit with your friend having a cuppa and her ciggie didn't bother you too much. That happened to me today aswell and I was so pleased with myself and I'm proud of you to. Great way to measure your progress. Well done to Mark aswell.



Well Done to you and Mark xx Well Done on sitting with your smoking friend!! even that gets easier!! most of the time now, I don't even realise my hubby is smoking ( apart from the smell )


Yea I bloody hate the smell didnt think they stunk so bad. HEHE well done mel to you and Mark. Have a nice smoke free weekend.xxxx


Hi Mel :D

Well done to both of you you're doing great keep it up

Also well done on beating off those triggers, now you know you can do it and so it will be easier for you the next time if you get one


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Trendy,

well done to both you and Mark. Supporting each other will make this easier for both of you. I'm sure he's proud of you too. My OH has never smoked, but is very supportive of me, and it makes a huge difference.

Keep on beating those triggers, and they'll be easier next time.:D

stay strong



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