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Newbie on day 4

Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome Yesterday.

Well today is day 4 and i have to admit yesterday there was a few times i shouted i wanna fag! then said no, i don't need a fag!

I'm hoping today's cravings isn't so bad as yesterday's.

I'm eating more to stop me thinking of ciggies.

Plus when i did smoke it took the edge off me feeling hungry, this may be the reason i was a 40 a day smoker because i'm not the kinda person who had 3 meals a day. just a late breakfast (11-12) and then Dinner around 7-8pm.

Had to take my Son to hospital for an appointment this morning, there was a no smoking day leaflet and found the link to this group on it.

Wish i had read it on my last attempt which was this years no smoking day.

For those who have stopped smoking are don't get the cravings, how long did this take?

I know it may not be the same for everyone but its so i have a rough idea.

I think my weakest days are going to be the weekend, as its when my stress levels increase 10 fold!

Hopefully not!

Nikki x

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Hi Nikki, yep everyone is different, but for me the first week was the hardest ( specially the 3rd day ) ... then after that the cravings stopped and were replaced by the " oh I would have had a fag now " but not the " grrrrrrrrrrr I need a fag RIGHT NOW " .. there is a huge difference, and you will know what I mean when yours has changed :)

Now after 1 month... all I get is a few... ( no more than 4/5 ) times a day where something I think about has the word fag in. I could be walking down the street, and walk past a smoker and think " ewwww that FAG stinks " But it is 100% easier now than 3 weeks ago!!!

Well Done on your quit... keep going!! I promise after 1 week it just gets easier and easier to deal with...and does not take as much effort ;)


Thanks slinky,i think yesterday was the hardest day as well, no particular reason as to why.Must be a day 3 thing.I'm glad things get easier, todays not as bad as yesterday, its more of thing i do it triggers them, like after a coffee i would have 1 or when on phone, then i have to remind myself i don't need or want 1.

Already i have walked past someone and thought their fag stinks, but i was quite paranoid when i smoked around non smokers of how i must smell to them, now i know, YUK!!

I have to stop eating Chocolate or i'm going to go from a size 12 to a 22!!


Hi Nikki,

Well done on being on Day 4. The first few days are the worst, but as slinky says, every quit is different.

The craves are not so bad after a few days, but don't let your guard down - many people get sneaky cravings striking by surprise considerable time later. But it does get easier and you learn how to cope better each time you get past a difficult point.

hope your weekend goes well. Try and avoid the triggers. And the things that increase stress levels will still be there whether you smoke or not.



Hi nikki :D

Day 4 well done you that's great you're over half way through the first and worst week and the craves will soon start to lessen, just hang in there


Marg xxxxxxx


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