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Newbie who's fell off the wagon Day 4

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hello there!!,

Thank you for reading my post.

Firstly i didnt realise how much of a dark place this quitting smoking took you. i have smoked for 12 years and was on 20-30 per day. started champix a week ago and after two days thought ' im going to go cold turkey' i managed nearly 3 days and i began feeling very ill. im not sure if this was from not smoking or the champix but i am continually light headed and drowsy, i continually feel like im having outer body experience and very depressed.

My partner is in the forces and went away for 2 weeks abroad yesterday and being left on my own with the kids i broke and smoked 3 last night and 5 again today. I dont know whether theres any going back, is the way im feeling the tablets or the fact i stopped for them few days? so confused! any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Builthy,

Hope you're feeling better. I quit cold turkey so can't advise you on Champix but there's lots on here who will be able to give their experience which may help. So you caved but it's just one day, and if you still want to there is no reason not to stop again from now. Whether you use Champix, NRT or just cold turkey, reading some of the posts on this site will arm you with information to determine which is the right way to quit for you.

Good luck x

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thank you kaz, hopefully i will get through this!!........... feel very lost at the minute x

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Hi Builthy

From what you've said on your post, it looks like you took Champix for two days only. The first week on Champix involves the white 0.5mg tablets, with the first 3 days being one tablet a day. So it would seem that you took 1 x 0.5 mg tablet per day, for two days.

If that is the case, then I doubt whether Champix is causing your symptoms. I don't think you will have been taking it long enough, or at high enough doses, to have much of an effect.

However, with Champix it is better to be safe than sorry, so having a word with your doctor would be a good idea.

Edit: It looks like I mis-read your post, sorry. If you are still taking Champix then the symptoms you are getting are very like what I experienced. You have the option of reducing the dose (you can cut 1 mg tablets in half to give you 0.5mg doses - I did this, having checked it with my doctor, and it was OK for me)

It would still be a good idea to have a word with your doctor.

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Hi builthy

I was on champix and they really do work, you got to give them time, I took them for 8days then quit as smoking made me sick :eek: then took them for a further 7days but then had to stop as they were not helping my health:confused: but yes carried on being quit.

Your headaches and being spaced are more than likely from champix but if u bare with them for at least 2 wks they will help massively, now I just use the occasional lozenges if have really bad craving,

Hope this helps, good luck

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dont give up

hello hun

Like yourself i have small children and it is really hard giving up and dealing with the kids. I am on champix and i felt really ill for the first week but then that settled down and im ok on them.

everyone on here has been really supportive and helpful, when im having a wobbly moment i come on here and it really helps. Along with deep breathing which i seem to do all the while and eat about 2 packs of tic tacs a day.

Keep trying hun and thinking of you. Remember your not alone


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Hi builthy

So sorry to hear you have had a rough time :(

I can't comment on the champix but I suffered really badly in the first few days/weeks of my quit.

I came off my NRT and tried cold turkey.

It felt great for a while, although I was out of it completely for most of the time. I actually began to enjoy it!! :D

It was like a free p*ss up!

However heading in to my 3rd day cold turkey (which they say is at the height of withdrawal symptoms) I hit a wall, I felt like I had the worst flu I had ever had, ached all over and psychologically felt that everything was crashing down around me!

I couldn't see me making it past the next minute never mind carrying on for ever....

I came on here and posted, nearly in tears, and I got a warm hug and a slap in the face and was told to take my NRT again and keep going.

I did and it helped unbelievably.

I'm not sure if my symptoms were physical, caused by nicotine withdrawal or just a frightened psychological fear of quitting.

It gave me a real shock that is for certain. The thing that you said I can whole heartedly agree with, I was indeed in a very dark place.

Now 6 weeks on I am going to drop my NRT slowly and I am in a much better place to cope with the next stage of my quit, mainly thanks to the people on this forum.

It is going to be really hard to tell if what you were experiencing was the champix or your own mind, as I say, I have no experience with champix but I got a surprise as to the power (good or bad) of our minds.

I wish you all the luck and strength in the world to get you back on track when you are ready.

Take care


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nicotene withdrawel can be hell. Even with champix you still have to get it out of your system, I am on day four and every now and then am hitting a wall. This time I refuse to give in and have a smoke. I did that before and would do three days smoke, and think I will start tomorrow, and do three days again.. This time I realise If I give in I will just start that mad cycle of torture I had put myself through over and over again.

I am using champix this time and it is helping, I was very very sick with it at first but that has gone away now. I smoked until day 14 on the champix, I noticed I had reduced the amount I was smoking before quit day came, which left me with less nicotine to get out of my system. Champix does work, just give it a chance, three days on it is too soon .

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i felt rough as toast on champix (i took them for a month out of the prescribed 3), The feeling spaced is them, they mess with your receptors, to stop impule of cig becoming action of reaching for one, I feflt sick all day everyday, and stuck with them another few weeks just to get me past the habit of reaching for cigs,

We all have a wobble and if your anything like me youve used cigs to get 5 mins peace from the kids, (they stayed away when i was outside smoking).

Dont quit quitting, its just a wobble, deep breath and start again,

See the doc about reducing the champix, i found taking one at lunchtime was enough for me and i wasnt half as sick, but sadly the screaming outbursts continued so i stopped them, and now im CT and using this place to keep me level and sane.

Chin up babe, we got ya back x

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