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Hi Newbie on day 4


I am on my fourth day and cant believe i have lasted this long!

I had smoked for about 37 years and due to health reasons was told it was best to stop,i had a bad day yesterday but stayed stronge and feel a bit better today, I am using 24hr patches ,not getting much sleep at the moment, Is anyone else suffering sleep problems?

54 yr wife and mother ,

Smoked 20 a day for 37 yrs

Quit on 11th april 2010

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Congrats & welcome :D

Sleep is an issue for most of us quitters in the early days & the patches do seem to make it worse. I take mine off before I go to bed which helps, perhaps a few sleepless nights till you get into this quit maybe worth putting up with if you are worried about not wearing it 24/7. See how you go.

It does settle after a while I promise :D

Gaynor x

Hi Gaynor

Thanks for the advice ,i think i will keep the 24/7 on a bit longer ,then try the ones you take off at night,Its good to know the sleep problem is not just me !

Good Evening Minimad (you’re lucky only Minimad we are all totally mad now) and hi Gaynor hope you are both well, the sleep issue is an issue I think no matter whether you use patches or not.

But for me after 3+ months that’s getting better in fact there are a couple of downs that go with quit but so many more ups and at least the downs get better or have for me.

I also am totally committed to this forum it has helped me achieve a quit that I didn’t think possible so welcome and good luck

Hi minimad xx well done on your day4 xx

i too use the patch 24 & take it off at night like gaynor xxx

Soon be a week done xx brilliant x

Thanks for your wellcome everyone,

Just wondering ,i leave the patch on because i used to have a cig with my first coffee ,how long does the patch have to be on for before it starts to work?

54 yr wife and mother ,

Smoked 20 a day for 37 yrs

Quit on 11th april 2010

It works quite quickly I think. I too always lit up as soon as my eyes where open almost :eek: I am using lozenges as well so have those to suck while the patch kicks in.

Hope that makes sense, soooooooooo tired tonight :rolleyes:

Gaynor x

Yes that makes sense ,I am having a couple of packs of mints a day plus k bars ,and hoping i wont put wieght on!

I do a lot of sewing ,so that keeps my fingers busy ,i do forget sometimes and go out the back for cig,only to remember that i dont do that anymore!:D

Hi Minimad,

I'm quitting using Champix and I've started to have major trouble sleeping so I think it is just a side effect of stopping smoking rather than just the patches.

I just do the usual relaxation stuff to try and help sleep... have a bath before bed, read a book, listen to whale music lol.

Sewing is a great idea.. i've started knitting just to keep my hands busy.

Hope your sleep trouble gets better and well done for getting to day 4!:)

Hi minimad.

When i smoked i would sit at the back door with my dog for a fag . Now the dog is looking at me as if to say ,why you not letting me out and sitting having a fag lol.

So well done after all these years and now decided to quit and you have come to the best place hear ,you will get all the help you need .

I can see from the response i have had that i am going to enjoy being a member here, Thanks for your help and tips ,

54 yr wife and mother ,

Smoked 20 a day for 37 yrs

Quit on 11th april 2010

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