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hi all im new to the forum and in 1 hour i will be 48 hours smoke free and ive never felt better.

Mr partner and i both smoke and have done for years, we are both in our 30's and sadly we need to have IVF if we want a family, my partner has children from a previous marriage so the nhs will not fund us. The cost for us is around £5000, we have always put it off saying we cant afford it...but just one year of us both not smoking saves us around £4500 per year..enough to get our baby...fingers crossed x

So this is will power is ....Having a baby is far more important to me than puffing on a little white stick every half an hour....

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Hi clairelouise, this will be the best decision you ever made, quitting smoking and now you have made the decision you are half way there.

This forum is a great place and there are lots of lovely people who will support and advice you, you can posts whenever you want to share your thoughts, good or bad and there is always someone who will reply.

Your reasons for quitting are a great incentive for you and stopping smoking will give you a much healthier and better chance to start a family, keep positive and your money pot will soon start growing!



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