No Smoking Day
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why...why oh why oh why! ha!

Im beginning to think that the second you decide to quit smoking the big man up there ..well..he decides it'd be hilarious to lump loads of stress your way! ..

looking back on the last 9 days now..tis' comical :rolleyes:

had the ex mother law turn up during christmas dinner today to hammer on my door and shout abuse! ..oh wells, i smiled sweetly shut the door in her face and went back to my dinner :D this was THE moment for me . I nearly caved. i was sitting there with my xmas hat on thinking i can't do this..i need a cig!!! but nopes again i thwarted the urge :) . It was the usual drinks at my mums today , normally go every year, i decided to skip it this year .

With the day ive had i thought it best i stay away from alcohol and smoking folks.

I hope everybody had a wonderful christmas and crazy lady aside..mine was great. the kids loved it , dinner was lovely and we slobbed out watching naff tv until they all tumbled into bed knackered..the clean up starts tomorrow!!

oh! and i have my usual boxing day buffet to throw for my family and the in laws! should be...interesting.....whatever you got for me big man ..throw it my way , i can do anything :)

day 10 in an hour or so!!

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Well done Lorna for managing to stay quit through all the stress and glad you had a good day well apart from the ex mother in law banging on your door :eek:

keeping that positive mindset will help you to keep your goals in sight




Well done Lorna on getting through another the saying goes, "tell God your plans, give him a laugh". Your determination will see you through. Keep posting when you get the chance, today sounds busy but in the best way ;)


Oh wow, well done for keeping quit after that!

Does feel like someone "up there" is having a laugh sometimes. :eek:

Glad your ex-MIL didn't spoil your day or your quit and you're still sounding pisitive! :)


Loony ex mother-in-law, strewth. Like being invaded by zombies.

Well done for resisting that urge to have one, excellent. :)


Well coped with Lorna :)

It wasn't Loopyness Lucy was it.....she wasn't asking to borrow a baseball bat or a shovel was she.......:D

If you managed through that one you must be confident for the future :)

Stay strong and keep going

Take care



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