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why now?


Ok, so I know I posted earlier about the weight thing, but hell I am having a bad evening. I have not felt more like having a fag (during this quit) than I do right now. I know for a fact that if I had some in the house I would be smoking, what the hell?

Fed up, angry, tearful, and sorry guys but no where near that time of the month.

So why now, why when I had begun to think that maybe, just maybe I could see a light at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps it is because I thought I could see a light, OMG I need to stop that right now. :eek:

So back to step one, I choose not to smoke today.

My goodness help us all if I don't feel any better tomorrow.

thanks for reading, sorry for ramble and I have not checked spelling or grammar so sorry for all those mistakes too.

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Those days happen early on in the quit..... the trick is to push through those bad days and never waver. I think I had my last 'bad' day in month 6...... not had one since then but I would not be surprised if at some point I'll have a 'moment'. It's normal and if you stick with your quit those bad days will quickly fade into the past. Hang in there...... remember stress can totally add to those moments so forget about the weight thing for now. xx

O dear Bev


It is only a feeling , it will be gone soon. You have done 2 months now -that's too far to go back .Just keep away from the wine.

sounds like your having a proper shi*e evening bev

hope next day is better for you!

Heads up hun, both in the same place here. Tie a knot and hold on. Just think about what ya told me and how close we are in quit dates. Maybe reading my posts triggered something for ya. want me to ship ya some Tootsie Roll pops:D?

behave and don't smoke or the nasty arrogant unrefined American will annoy you LOL.:D

Keep the faith, just think how bad that first ciggie will taste and how it will make you dizzy and sick:eek: Have a nice drink of fresh orange instead.

Good luck!


for reasons i have yet to properly explain, i felt exactly like you described on monday this week.. on my 100th day, i was depressed, couldn't have cared less if i'd done 100 days or 10 days.. i just wasn't feeling how i thought i would have been on that day. I wasn't happy.. not tearful.. no no no.. thats not a trait of mine.. but i wasn't happy as i normally am.. i couldn't put my finger on it totally.


Later on i worked most of it out down to tiredness.. i was simply just very tired.. and this lack of extra zing meant any underlying feelings i was having were worse than normal.

Could it be you were tired yesterday evening?

And moreoever, how do you feel today?

I had a day like that the other week and I thought if I wake up in the morning and I really want one, I am having it. Of course, I woke up and thought what an idiot I would have been to do it. Never was much of a morning smoker anyway! It will pass. Cheers, Di.

aside from that.. you need to slow down.. and take stock for where you are now. Just appreciate how far you have come, and give yourself some credit for whats been achieved so far. Don't worry about too far into the future, that will look after itself.. just look after today.. and when tomorrow becomes today, you look after that too.

Rome wasn't built in a day, you're quit is 'work in progress', you will get there, but its baby steps at the moment. I'm hoping it was just tiredness making you feel a bit low, but thats the nature of withdrawal sadly.. you will just get the odd off day.. and it leaves you feeling a bit vulnerable when they happen.

Get through it, and see it from the other side, i'm sure you'll be ok soon enough.


Bev I do hope you feel better today and definitely keeping away from evil. Some extra reading might help.

Looking out for you.


Okay bev Im getting annoyed now


eeeeeeeeeeeek ... the wrinkly stockings are out and dangerous.. bev.. for gods sake report in, nora batty is lethal with a broom :)


You are a Yorkshire lass. And a Yorkie never, ever quits.

(Unless that is of course we mention the War of the Roses which we Lancastrians won I might add!!)

But I digress....

Don't worry about the weight gain thing. So what if you've put on a few pounds. A few extra pound never killed anyone. Think of why you've quit. Think of your lovely kids. They won't care if you're a dress size bigger but they'll care if you're killing yourself with horrible cancer sticks!!

Please come back before Murph morphs into a raging she devil

PP xx

Still struggling, but still a non smoker. Thanks for your messages.

Will try to buck my ideas up, and come back bigger and better.

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