No Smoking Day
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Really feel like just the one

Hi All,

today is my 5th day and man do i feel like a cigarette more than ever. For some reason i see the sun and think a nice drink and fag wouldn't go down to bad at all.

But gong to stay strong well try my hardest to. Have had a real stressful day today.

But im sure the cravings will pass, but this is the stongest urge i have had so far.

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Like with drug and alcohol addiction take it one day at a time..when i was addicted to drugs I even took it at a hour a me giving up the illegal drugs was far easier than giving up legal nicotine...keep telling yourself the reasons why you are quitting, I know this sounds silly but laugh when you get a craving, i say that because as the days go on they will get less and less..stay strong and keep a good support mechanism up...this forum is ideal..


Hi Freeatlast

So sorry your having a tough stressful day,but as you say the craves don't last long after all

This is just those sneaky little Nico :eek: Demons trying to get you back in their power, you've been starving them for 5 days and they don't like it, Just hang on in there OK


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Freeatlast, sorry to hear your having a bit of a tough moment.

You stay strong, I'm sure you will be fine and your right...the cravings will pass:)

Keep it up!

Lottie -x-


Hi Freeatlast,

better to come on here and get things off your chest a bit than to cave in to those urges. By the time you've posted and seen a couple of replies, or browsed through other parts of the forum, the urge will have died down and it will be another success to you:).

5 days means the nicotine is out of your system - you've done the toughest part. Keep going, keep strong, and you'll be into your second week before you know it.




all for your replies, the urge has gone and no i wont be smoking today and make it today 6. :)

tomorrow is another day , thank you all again. Just hope it gets easier which i am sure it will. does not make it any easier that my partner still smokes but in a way makes me more determined as I see her smoking and needing it all the time makes me feel good to be free from it. Just hope she decides to leave it also.

thanks again all and hope you are all feeling good.


Hi Freeatlast

Sorry you had a bad day today but Im sure day 6 will be brill for you. Your not far off your second week keep strong you can do this and you will feel proud. It is hard when your partner smokes but makes you strong as the time gose on.xxxxxxxx


Well done, free at last

Oh how i remember those craves in the first week...:eek::eek:

... it really does get better..

and we are all here to toss things back and forth.. it helps the process ...:)


HI All ,

thanks for the replies. No cravings today but just really grumpy lol and throat is killing.

but thank you all again bring on week 2.



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