No Smoking Day
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First day of the rest of my life

Hi everyone, day 1 again - feeling positive, happy (even tho its peeing down with rain) and looking forward to my weekend away. Lots of lovely fooooood, pampering and shopping, what more could a girl ask for!.

I will tho be on a major health kick on Monday, as I only have five weeks till I go to Ibiza for a fortnight and I deperately need to lose some weight before I expose the poor Spaniards to the dreaded sight!!!!

Whilst I may not agree with Billy's approach, I agree with him that it is only myself who puts fags and food in my mouth and it is entirely in my control.

So watch out anyone living near me - if you see a whirling dervish hurtling down the sea front on Monday - its only little old me!!!

Anyway everyone have a fab weekend, summers on its way - and life is good


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go debs!! you can do it xxxx:D


Hi Debs :D

You sound so much happier today

Well donw for restarting your quit and glad you feel positive inspite of the weather it's chucking it down here as well

Enjoy your weekend away and come back refreshed and then look forward to your holiday


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Great to see you here Debs..:)

Have a great smokefree weekend and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND girl...........

I'm saving my "ash" cash for a holiday next year.........ENJOY Debs, see you next week. Love J.x x x:D


Good to see you here Debs. Stay positive. It is you who chooses not to smoke. Be confident and positive and rejoice in the lovelyness of being a non smoker! x


hey debs welcome back.... you sound a lot more positve.. well done,,, we are all here for you x x


Well done Debs

We are with you all the way. Take each day as it comes. Also keep looking forward to the lovely treats you have coming.xxxxxxx


Good luck, another day 1er here and although its going to be difficult, we will do it.


Good Luck Debs.

I have always got through the bad days by concentrating on how wonderful I feel for not smoking. I still feel nervous about giving encouragement to others because I still feel vulnerable on Day 50+ but I was told the other day that if I could bottle up my positiveness I could eradicate smoking!!!!:D:D:D

Plan something extra special to get you through your trigger day (Day 26 was it) so you have something to "look forward to" rather than dread.

Keep smiling!


Thank you all so much for your support, I am now off to get the train with my friend for our girlie weekend - will post again on sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend peeps


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