No Smoking Day

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life


I've only just found this forum so haven't had much time to read around, but it looks like it has some quality information, advice and support.

I have already made the decision to smoke my last cigarette tonight, i'm almost putting off going to bed just to delay it. I'm dreading tomorrow but i'm also excited, i'm going to stay positive and handle each hour and each craving as it happens.

Hopefully will be back this time tomorrow to say i've completed 24 hours.

Any advice and support would be greatly appreciated.

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Wecome Choco

There are great people on this site they give lots of help. Good luck with your quit your in the right place. We are all here for each other Linda


Hello, i'm almost at the end of day 1 and i've made it. I'm so proud.

I really thought today would be hard but its been more than bearable.

I had a very foggy head until about 3pm, but that could be because i didn't sleep great last night.

The hardest time was after dinner, felt very agitated,so i came here to read some posts.

I feel like i've had an easy ride so far, i've done this before and know there are tears and shouts and screams coming soon.

I've read Allen Carr in the past and strongly believe in his methods, i don't believe in NRT. I'm also listening to Paul McKenna hypnotherapy, anything that helps!!

Hopefully see me on Day 2 thread tomorrow.

Thanks for your posts!!:) :)


Thanks Boudee, and well done on 51/2 weeks, thats fantastic!!

I'm going to post on Day 2 thread now!!!


How you doing Chocobunny. Hope you are ok I know its tough but keep going I really didnt think I would be able to stop but here I am on week 2 so it is possible my freinds are really shocked Im the last one they expected to stop. Stay on the forum its a great help


Hello Little Sue, i'm good, i'm now on Day 5 (as of half an hour ago).

This forum is a life saver, spent soooo much time on here the past few days, its good to see what everyone else goes through and be abel to relate to it.

And its sooo nice that so many of you come back and give support!!!

Heres to a my first nicotene free weekend :) :)

I have been quit for 4D 42m (4 days). I have saved £19.33 by not smoking 80 cigarettes. I have saved 6h 40m of my life. My Quit Date: 09/04/2007 22:41


Sorry now can see you are doing well futher on than I thought sometimes this forum is confusing:confused:


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