Tomorrow - 1st day of the rest of my life!

Hi All,

I'm a 36 year old mother of one the sweetest little boys you'll ever meet, who has just turned three. I am also pregnant with our 2nd child (just 13 weeks gone). I tried to hard to give up smoking on the first and succeeded each time for a few weeks. This time I am determined to give up. I have cut down the amount I smoke from 20 a day to 10 since discovering I was pregnant but want to give up for once and for all. I have given up in the past for 18 months but knew at the time I was giving up that I would smoke for my wedding (great idea I know!). And of course I did. I am not the type of smoker who absolutely loves having a cigarette, most of them that I do smoke is purely out of habit and the fact that most of my friends smoke. When I gave up before I felt totally alienated in that I didnt go on smoking breaks in work with my friends and as such, was missing out on all the gossip.

I hope to use this site (which I have been viewing on a daily basis for the past 12 months) as a tool to help/encourage me to become a non-smoker. I shall be having my last cigarette in the next few mins so I would love some encouragement for tomorrow morning...


Darby's girl

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  • Hi Darbys Girl

    Well done on the first step by taking the decision to stop smoking. Also congrats on your new pregnancy and abig hugz to your other little man. Anyhow, you know you can do this and this time it can and will be for keeps. Just stay focused and strong, if your doing it CT or with NRT then find something to occupy yourself like a new hobby (i started knitting when i first stopped) and make sure you read, read and read somemore and yourself well and get yourself well and truely armed with as much info as you can so that your well prepared.

    When things get tough shout, when your happy share and most of all keep us updated and let us be more than just your virtual quit buddies as we can all help you,.

    Anyhow good luck and heres to your new smokefree life ;)

  • Hi darbysgirl.

    Congrats on ur new addition & deciding to join us on this journey. You will fins so much help & support here. Be it from members or just info from peoples signatures to various sites which really do help.

    I wish you well on your quit journey, one that I am embarking on again ;)

    Gaynor xx

  • Good luck - giving up is the best thing you can do for your family. I too am pregnant 21 weeks today tomorrow is day 3 for me. Are you going to use nrt?

    Sue x

  • Hiya. Hope your day went well. We are all rooting for you.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your support! After a bit of a blip today is now my 2nd day being a non smoker. Have patches but trying cold turkey. Finding it ok-ish. Terrible pain in my head at times but nothing too bad, hopefully it will stay that way. It's great not stinking of smoke and I'm spending more time with my little boy as I'm not sneaking outside to have a cigarette all the time. Good luck to everyone else on the journey.....

    Darby's girl

  • Well done you :D

    Try drinking lots of water, it may help with the headaches.

    I bet your little boy is really enjoying all the extra (non smelly) time spent with his mum. Way to go ;)

    Gaynor x

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