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No Smoking Day
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Just want to ask anybody over 3 months when will I feel normal again?

I don't want to smoke I can't now gone to long, I just don't feel me. I feel down and miserable, I'm snappy with my OH most of the time and I hate being like this, it just isn't me, I am normally a happy person by nature.

I really don't want to smoke but if it makes me feel better and happier I might smoke, oh god what am I going to do help!!!!


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Poor Bet!

I do know just how you feel. It's taken me such a long time to reach a point where I feel normal being a non smoker, and don't miss it all the time. I'm still not there, if I'm honest, but every day, it gets a little bit easier.

Lots of people have said that it really takes a year, going through the seasons and the anniversaries and the occasions. Seems a long way off, so I try not to think of that. One day at a time, is my motto. I do believe we'll get there though, because each milestone I hit, I can really feel a change in me.

Have you thought, there might be other things making you discontented? Are you bored - do you think you need to spice up your life a bit? Join a club, take up a new pursuit, learn something new, shake things up? Or could it be that hormones are making you feel miserable? It's our first instinct to think that smoking can cure our ills, and so we can be misled into thinking that it's the lack of smoking causing them, when really it's something else entirely. Take a good look at things- is there anything else you can change before you reach for the fags and ruin your new healthy lungs?

I really hope you can keep on going through this, it's worth the struggle.

If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.



Hi betty boop, from previous attempts with myself this point your at now ..is a turning point in your quit..the 3 months is a bit strange tbh..but it does ease even in a matter of a week! you will feel different again ..and you will be soooo glad you kept on going.

Keep fighting, your doing so well :)


i would say around or after the three month mark get those three's well and truely out of the way then its real gradual that things improve as the days go by u may not even notice, then wen u sit and really think about it u think omg this is better now and that is better etc

i remember i lost that wanting feeling in my belly and it took me a few days to realise it had gone

and the thoughts of smoking got further and further apart and now its like i almost force myself to think about it rather than it constantly rolling over in my mind like it used to

and again that took a few days to really think yeah this has go better

i know for a long time i just wanted it all to improve so quickly i was jealous of everyone ahead of me and i think i wanted it so bad i made it last longer

just relax and take each small step and soon they add up to huge leaps


Ive been quit around 5 months now and been off nicotine totally for most of that time and Im still getting cravings most mornings, ha sbeen happening the last couple of weeks and its a nightmare, but I will stay strong and not smoke, just thinking about getting to the 6 month point now!


'I really don't want to smoke but if it makes me feel better and happier I might smoke'

The chances are it won't Betty - you may get an initial 'relief' from the process of getting a cigarette out and lighting it but I'm fairly sure that you won't enjoy it and you'll soon be overcome with self disappointment and the feeling of failure.

Stick with it, no matter how hard it may seem.....


Hi Bet, I do know where your coming from, and im just 3days into month 4 and last night for some unknown reason i just kept thinking about a fag. And i dont think that thought ever leaves us which worries me. I also feel different its like living in a bubble i know dont laugh. Its as if i cannot seem to register things in my head i forget things. But and theres always a but...i have not had one puff and thats because of being focused, strong, positive and determination. We can do this Bet dont give up giving in.


We can do this Bet dont give up giving in.

Umm, I think you mean don't give in giving up? :D

Good luck Bet and Fleetwood!



Awwww thank you all very much for your replies. I understand what you are all saying, I don't crave anymore it is just a wanting feeling in my belly like Boo said. I get to the end of a meal and somethings missing. I get up in the morning and don't even think of one, all day in work don't think of one but evenings AAARRRRRRRRRRRR It's awful, but I won't give in horse me to stubborn! like Fleetwood said does the thought ever leave you, hope so:eek:

Once again thank's all, great bunch you are.:)


Normal is something I found difficult before I quit so I was surprised to see you thought that there would be a time after you quit when you would be feel it “normal” that is.

Is there such a thing or is it a perception you are looking forward to and that you think exists.

Three months was for me a really Sh**ty time and I have to agree with other comments that you will start to feel better once this area of the quit is over, I hope that you never feel "normal" but I do hope that there will come a time in the not too distant future where you will begin to feel happy with the new non smoking you, it’s a place that takes a bit of time to reach but it’s a great destination and I am sure that you will be there very soon.

Always remember that there will be some bad days but they will get further and further apart and soon you will have difficulty in remembering what it was like to be a smoker, that’s the time though when you need to be most aware as that’s when the nico demon will be lying in wait for you, stay strong and enjoy your quit it will hopefully never be repeated.


When I say normal Jamangie I mean normal for me. I just don't feel me anymore.

I know I have to get used to the no smoking me and most of the time I have, I thought I would feel better by now. Don't get me wrong I am so proud I have got this far never thought I could but I DID:) I will carry on after listening to the good people on here saying it will get better. I also love the benefits of not smoking. They are great, so onwards and upwards.;)



u know i dont think i will ever feel normal not in a bad way i mean since quitting and getting over the obsessive thoughts, cravings etc i feel i am a happier, less stressed, clean non smelly person.

before my normal was planning wen to sneak off for my next fag, wishing my life away sometimes so i could have a fag, poisoning myself 20 times a day, not enjoying days out with the family cause i couldnt smoke wen i needed to generally, sitting out in the cold come rain hail or shine, shooing my kids off so i could have a fag in peace

is that normal ???????????

wen i smoked yes that was perfectly normal but now omg no that is not normal infact its disgusting looking back on how i was

so wat normal are u looking for i am not looking for old normal me i am excepting new me and still getting used to new me

clean nice smelling, enjoying my days out with family, being happy, i smile so much more now, staying in the nice and warm on a cold day, being a calm person now

i know which normal i prefer

you need to consider we were old normal for years on end for me 24 years thats alot to expect to change in a few months look at your improvements so far and just know it gets better


Normal? (Sadly) What is that?

What I mean is that for many of us smoking has been the major part of our lives so many of us probably don't know what normal is :(

Normal is what we perceive to be a person not addicted to having to light a fag every 10, 20, 30 mins.

We have to adjust to feeling so different when we quit, sometimes we might recognise that feeling as normal ( if we remember it) if we don't we have to accept that this feeling is what normal feels like. It will be strange, unknown but given a chance we will apppreciate how good it feels.

Gaynor x

PS, hope that makes sense


I think that you will never feel exactly the same as you did when you were smoking but I think that you will feel better, as we have said the real turning point comes after about the third monthish, there are no hard and fast time scales as we are all so different and each one finds that they feel "normal" sooner than others.

I think that life just starts to fall back into a better place and also your frame of mind becomes more stable and you just except the fact you are a none smoker, maybe you want even notice it but being a none smoker will give you so many more benefits along the way.

I hope I didnt upset you with my previous post it was meant more jokey.

You take care and believe it will get better.


Thank you Jamangie Boo and Gaynor, think I'm getting there slowly been feeling allot better, and no Jamangie you didn't upset me at all, Gaynor how is your quit going are you ok? well thanks once again.

Maria. x x


What's this? A fabulously fabulous fab febber. Stick with it and in time it will be worth it Betty! You have been quit just a little longer than me, and I know it can be hard at times. Nothing worth having is easy but we can all do this. So come on, follow me............I'm heading for the penthouse and nothing is going to stop me. Are you with me Betty?:cool:


Thank you Fazer am feeling allot better now not totally there yet but sticking with it, don't worry I won't let The Fab Febbers down.



Hallo Karri bach!! you are back. So nice to hear from you. As allot of people have said I have to embrace and get used to the non smoking me and most of the time I can it's just now and then I don't feel right but I am getting there and am sticking with it.

Still waiting for that light to come on though!


Maria. x

Ps Karri what happened with your quit it was going so well.:(


Sorry Karri only now seeing this post, and what you said was keep at it.

Diolch di iawn.

(thankyou and very good);)



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