No Smoking Day

Beat that anger into submission!

One of the biggest problems I've had since stopping smoking has not necessarily been just cravings, but a weird, tense, screwed-up-inside feeling.

Some of you on here have kindly recommended hypnosis CDs which I will order and try, but I just wanted to put up another suggestion that I've discovered as well.

If you have Sky TV there is a channel called Body in Balance on 275. It has loads of yoga, Pilates and health shows on. There are loads of adverts so I usually just set my DVD recorder or Sky+ going during the day and then zip through the sessions at my leisure. They are great for chilling out and - if you have access to them - are free.

I'm finding yoga in particular, which I used to do years ago but hadn't done in ages, has been great for stress relief - and helps that whole sense of 'well-being' that I'm getting from not inhaling crap into my lungs anymore!

Anyone else have any free (ish) ideas on how to beat those angry post-quitting feelings into submission?

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Exercise of any kind helps loads and as I understand it yoga has other elements which will help too.


Hi B F :D

I have started dancing again [ballroom] hadn't danced in years but a club I go to has them once a month so I went along just to watch and danced it was great as for the last 11 months have only been able to go for walks it really gave me a lift as was fed up with just walks although I still walk every day

Don't know anything about Yoga except it is supposed to be good for you




Thanks for that Breaking Free - I shall have a look at that channel!

I'm another one for walks though. When I first quit I would go for a walk when I had a real craving and I would walk to the nearest shop, about half a mile away. By the time I'd got to the shop I wasn't craving a ciggie any more but enjoying breathing real fresh air so would carry on for about 2 miles. I think it stopped me putting on too much weight as I only have gained about 3 or 4 pounds yet I've been eating like a horse (funnily enough!).


Oh walks are definitely the way to go to smash those cravings and anger into submission! I'm lucky enough to live within an hour's drive of three National Parks and getting out and climbing a mountain is fantastic.

Funnily enough I never smoked while I was out walking - which is up to eight hours at a time if I'm doing a few peaks - and it never seemed to bother me... but then I would light up when I got to the pub for a 'well-earned' pint.

I also never realised just what smoking was doing to my lungs - I just assumed that I wasn't as fit or young as when I ran up mountains at 15... but each and every week my fitness and breathing get better. I can walk for longer without breaks and get to the top a little less red-faced.

Best of all, while I still carry my asthma inhaler just in case, I haven't needed it when climbing in weeks... God only knows what state my lungs are in. I just hope and pray that the damage done is reversible...

(Oh, and Marg - always lovely to hear from you... and that's my mum's name!) :D


How about kickboxing?!! :D:D

I personally like running but hard to do when you have a little one....

I also do really well after I have a good yell at my ex.... he isn't fond of it of course but I find it works at times (also worked while I was still smoking)..... I think I am getting side tracked..... ;)

Personally I chill nicely with a glass of wine at night..... and a hot bath - add some lavender oils :D


Spammer clear off you are not wanted on here


I suggest

Learning to control one's emotional outbursts BEFORE airing them in a critical way on this site and at the expense of others...

as i did to Billy...

and i suggest if people have trouble with people's way of writing.. they need to chill and learn how to be more accepting of others rather than critical of difference...

and MAYBE just MAYBE write to the person you cant understand and ask what they mean..

rather than showing a blatant disregard and lack of respect for fellow quitters...


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