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I'm fighting a losing battle at the moment, I made it to day 3 and caved. I just don't have the will power to do this on my own.

There always seems to be some excuse to start again. I'm going to my doctors tomorrow to ask he'll put me back on champix as they really helped the last time.

Question: Has anyone else had to ask the doctor for them for a second time. I have a feeling he might not prescribe them again as I have had them before.

I feel like such a prat at this time:(

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Hi Bob :D

Sorry I really don't know the answer to this question, but don't see why not

I'm sure if he can't or won't he'll try and help some other way

Or you could try a clinic if there's one near you

All the Best

Marg xxxxxxxxxx


get ur head round it dude-

get ur head round not ever smokn again and do it-u know how bad it is to let it win-now its time for u to win-

i tried countless times and failed-i'm not failn this time-u can do it too-

the patches and an inhaolr works for me-i know how it feels dude-

i also know how it feels to win-hope u will tooo:)


Bobross, I would think your doctor would prescribe the champix for you again. I believe it's the same as chantrix here in the states and on the TV commerical it says that 45% quit on chantrix the first time. Sounds like they expect some to fail on it and have to do it over to me, so stands to reason that doctors would prescribe it again. Never hurts to ask, but if you think you need something and he won't prescribe the champix again ask about the patches or gum or welbutrin. Whatever you take, you have to set your mind to the fact that you are going to quit. That you choose not to smoke! Read the links attached at the bottom of my post. They really help a lot of people. The more you understand your nictotine addiction the easier the quit and to stay quit. Good luck. :D


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