No Smoking Day
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5 hours to day 5

This morning I felt so drained, kept waking up last night sweating... have been informed its my body detoxifying itself... so I will live with that. Still feeling a bit drained but better.

My boyfriend told me today i look better already, (was getting black circles under the eyes.... NO !!!!!) . I think my skin is a bit blotchy actually but my eyes are brighter. Does the skin suffer before it gets better , does anyone know... I dont want spotty blotchy skin as well as mid night sweats lol...

Anyway I have had no real craves today and thats with the boyfriend sat next to me in the car, smoking away like a good un....

Think im going to have to stop eating chocolate ( I was eating Kit Kats this morning at 3.00 am..... hmmmmmmm !!!!)

Yep Im feeling really confident today, thankfully after the horrors of yesterday....




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Well done EBT just keep eating the kitkats and looking forward to the benefits of being a non smoker. Hearing that others have bad days makes me realise I can get through hard days too.

Just bought myself a giant toblerone!!!!! Yum Yum.

Just aswell I'm saving my ciggie money, I'm definately going to need it for larger clothes soon lol .

Hopeful Stay strong


Hi E B T Girl :D

You nade it to day 5 that's great wonderful in fact Big Hug on it's way just for you

Yes the skin suffers for a little while but it's so worth it as are all the other aggravations we get

Feeling better and no real craves I'm so pleased for you even with B F sat in the car smoking WAHEY and back on form feeling confident

Hi Hopeful :D

You're doing great to and yes you can get through the hard days thinking of the benefits will help with that

A large bar of Toblerone eh sounds good to me

Love to you both

Marg xxxxxxxxx


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